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State-Owned Turkish Property Developer in 1 Billion TYR IPO

State-owned Turkish real estate developer is selling a 25% stake of the company in an Initial Public Offering next week. The firm is selling 625million shares at between 1.60 and 2.15 Turkish Liras each. Doing the math that is a valuation of 1 billion liras (at the lowest price of...

Posted on 07 November 2010

Turkish Property Shines as Best Performing Regional Market

Turkey is recovering from the global financial crisis strongly, with its economy ranked as one of the best and most stable performers in the region, according to a recent report from real-estate brokerage Cushman & Wakefield. Real estate investment brokerage Cushman and Wakefield have reported that Turkey is one of...

Posted on 21 October 2010

Soyak Partners with Spot Blue to Increase Overseas Presence

Soyak, one of the largest developers of residential real estate in Turkey has Chosen Spot Blue to market its Istanbul properties to the UK, European and international markets. The power of the Soyak brand within Turkey is impossible to overstate; with a history of successful developments spanning almost 50 years...

Posted on 08 October 2010

Turkey UAE Trade Back to 2008 Levels

The United Nations Ambassador to Turkey has said his time is dominated by promoting and facilitating business deals and investments between the two countries, as Turkey/UAE trade returns to near 2008 levels. Al-Mualla said that he is happy to see Turkey has a renewed focus and new vigour with regard...

Posted on 29 September 2010

Nabucco Takes Huge Step Forward as 4 Billion Euro Loans Agreed

The Nabucco pipeline has taken a giant step forward this week when representatives from some of Europe's biggest financial institutions signed on the dotted line with regards their financing of the project. For anyone in the dark as to what Nabucco is, it is a huge pipeline project to connect...

Posted on 09 September 2010

Construction Leader Predicts 15% Growth in Turkish Construction this Year

The chairman of a leading Turkish construction company has said that the industry could see growth of up to 15% this year. Speaking , which was organized by the Association of Turkish Building Material Producers, or İMSAD, on Thursday, Süleyman Varlıbaş, chairman of Varlıbaş Holding said the growth in the...

Posted on 20 April 2010