living in Fethiye

Ask anyone living in Fethiye, if they love living here and the answer will always be a resounding yes. Sitting on the western Mediterranean coast of Turkey, Fethiye attracts people from all over the world, who want to enjoy the ambience and lifestyle all year round. It is also of Turkey’s largest ex-pat hubs. Many … Continued

what is Fethiye like

Whenever someone asks us what Fethiye in Turkey is like, it is impossible to answer in a short, concise way. The vast region encompassing the city centre, and smaller coastal resorts is an all-rounder accommodating everyone from budget holidaymakers to luxury property hunters. It thrives on the beach tourism scene, but also maintains prestigious status … Continued


Fethiye’s real estate market is once again in the limelight as Turkey reports record house sales to foreigners. Fethiye has always been a favourite expat and property haven, but as foreigners flock to take advantage of a lucrative exchange rate, citizenship investment scheme and developers deals, more buyers are looking at the area for a … Continued

where to buy fethiye property

Sometimes, market conditions influence house buyers, but when deciding where to buy property in Fethiye, the only things you need to match are your budget and lifestyle preference. Overall, Fethiye’s real estate market is stable with a healthy flow of Turkish and foreign buyers and sellers. House prices remain stable, and Fethiye’s Mediterranean position will … Continued

Fethiye, Turkey

Fethiye in Mediterranean Turkey is one of the most prominent regions for domestic and international property sales. Over the years, as the Turkish real estate market has grown, many people have bought homes in the area to either use for their holidays or to live in the country all year round. Indeed, there are many … Continued

Sustained exchange rate movement during the past year has made Turkey’s property market especially attractive to buyers with funds in Euros and Dollars, said Spot Blue International Property in March 2017, adding that vendors from the UK could offer some of the best deals right now. British-owned holiday homes being sold with a Sterling price-tag … Continued

Fans of Turkey and its colourful lifestyle will enjoy a new TV series covering Turkish food and hosted by TV chef Rick Stein, which is scheduled to be broadcast on BBC 2 next year. Turkey’s well known for its beaches, sunshine and exciting culture, and Stein’s new series will help to open more people’s eyes … Continued

Affordable plots in picturesque locations and with access to improving infrastructure are encouraging an increasing number of British people to create their dream home in the Fethiye area of Turkey, said Turkey property specialist Spot Blue International Property in January. The villages around Fethiye, a colourful town on Turkey’s Mediterranean Coast with a historic harbour … Continued

Giant of the Hollywood blockbuster Russell Crowe, who starred in the movie Gladiator, has been in Turkey confirming arrangements for the filming of his next film and whilst there he revealed how much he liked the country. In his film, Crowe will bring to the big screen the story of an Anzac soldier who fought … Continued

Skyfall released in 2012 (directed by Sam Mendes and starring Daniel Craig) was the twenty-third James Bond film. An action film needs a good backdrop, and Turkey has many picturesque locations. They filmed scenes for the film in  various locations in Turkey over a three month period in 2012. Istanbul (the ancient capital city of … Continued

As a resident of Fethiye it would have been hard to not notice the furor surrounding the new James Bond film.  Excitement built as it was confirmed that Skyfall would actually be filmed in Fethiye, or a few seconds of it anyway!  Two thousand of us attempted to become extras for the film in the … Continued