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Turkish Tourism Spikes in 2011, Will they Stay or Will They Go?

Turkey welcomed 6 million visitors in the first 4 months of 2011, an astonishing 21% increase over last year. Obviously this incredible rise has been mainly attributed to the Arab Spring; the name given to a series of uprisings which have toppled governments and created warzones across the Middle East....

Posted on 10 June 2011

Turkey Property: 2 Reasons to Buy ASAP

Turkish inflation has surged in May, making a rate rise in the country ever more likely in the near future. According to data from Turkstat, the annual inflation rate soared to 7.2% in May, from the almost 50 year low of 4.3% the month before. The Central Bank had forecast...

Posted on 03 June 2011

Antalya Property has it All

Regular readers of this blog will have heard us talking about Antalya the holiday destination, where people buy holiday homes and rent them out to tourists when not in use. But this is only a fraction of the city's potential. It is true; Antalya is one of Turkey's top tourist...

Posted on 02 June 2011

Turkey Property Prices Surge into 2011 (stats)

As European residential property markets still clamber toward recovery ever-worrying about a double dip, and authoritative sources tell us the US property market has already double dipped, we look at markets like Turkey to see that they are experiencing strong growth into 2011. According to (GYODER) the Association of Real...

Posted on 21 May 2011

Will Turkey Ever Join the EU?

With all that’s going on in Libya, Syria and the Middle East in general, we can almost forgive the press for the lack of coverage of the two EU enlargement meetings with Turkey and Croatia last week. Well, to be honest there is also the potential that they didn’t give...

Posted on 29 April 2011