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The Beautiful Game draws global attention to Med resort of Antalya

Turkey’s largest tourist resort and gateway to its Mediterranean coastline, Antalya, is gearing up for a swell in international visitors - and with it the chance to showcase the lifestyle and properties it has to offer, when the Under-20 (U20) Football World Cup is played there next month. Antalya’s Akdeniz...

Posted on 14 May 2013

Turkey ups its game as world golf destination, adding to its home ownership appeal

Value for money, world-class courses and a steady increase in the hosting of high profile events, including its first PGA Open later this year, are driving Turkey’s status as a global golf destination, at the same time adding value to Turkish property close to a fairway. Turkey is now the...

Posted on 23 April 2013

Antalya Property has it All

Regular readers of this blog will have heard us talking about Antalya the holiday destination, where people buy holiday homes and rent them out to tourists when not in use. But this is only a fraction of the city's potential. It is true; Antalya is one of Turkey's top tourist...

Posted on 02 June 2011