Ever since living abroad became a popular choice for retirees, potential candidates often look at Turkey as one of the countries that may become their second or even first home. There is still a slight urge, however, to keep ties with their nationalities and many people ask us where do expats live in Turkey? Expat … Continued

Although the national diet of Turkey has for many centuries heavily included vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains, veganism as an alternative lifestyle was slow to catch on. That is changing, however, with a growing interest in the concept from the younger generation, who once they have tried it are eager to spread the word. At … Continued

One of a kind, luxury properties in the most sought after areas of Turkey. Whether you are buying for investment purposes or looking for a place to call home, our selection of luxury properties is certain to tick your boxes. Superb Detached Villa For Sale Overlooking Bodrum Castle & The Marina – BOD 275 This property … Continued

Turkey and Belgium have increased their joint cooperation against double taxation. The pair have signed a new protocol to enable the increased flow of information in line with OECD standards aimed at negating the possibility of paying tax on the same income in two countries. The protocol, signed yesterday during Turkish Finance Minister Mehmet Şimşek’s … Continued