Estate Agent

Blue Spot International Property was first founded in 2003 and concentrated in Turkey before expanding to the U.S., UK, Spain, Portugal and many others markets. As a UK-based company, we are subject to UK law and are members of the appropriate professional associations.. We are members of the Association of International Property Professionals (including the Property Ombudsman) (AIPP), Turkish British Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TBCCI), National Association of Estate Agents (incorporating FOPDAC) (NAEA).

Typically Estate agents are divided into two different groups. Letting or management agents deal with rented property and Estate Agents handle the sale of property while a solicitor is utilised for the preparation of legal documents and paperwork. In Scotland, however, many solicitors also act as estate agents a practice that is very rare in England and Wales.

Estate Agents are required to be extremely familiar with their local area including future projects that could change the value of properties (for example a new motorway being built or an airport adding extra runways could very well lower house prices or the closure of a coal factory might raise them). Knowledge of recent real estate purchase prices is a key factor as well for an estate agent to have. Here at Spot Blue, we pride ourselves on our unbiased and expert knowledge that we can then pass onto our clients.

The Term Estate agent was first originally used for the person responsible for the managing a landed estate. You had “House Agents” who would sell homes and “Land Agents” dealt with the sale of land. In the 20th century however, Estate Agent started being used as a more generic term that covered both types of sale.

Through our extensive portfolio of properties for sale, we will use our skills as international estate agents. Spot Blue International Property will build an exclusive portfolio for your needs within your budget constraints. Whatever your budget, for your consideration, we can give you the most affordable or luxurious estate.

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