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International Property Marketing: How to Market and Attract Global Buyers

For builders and developers across the globe, international property marketing should now be a core concept of business. To connect with at least one estate-agent in another country is to boost your portfolio past defined borders and local vicinities to other cultures, and nationalities. The benefits are too much to ignore, because instead of marketing […]

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How to Invest in Overseas Property: Guide to Making Money

Beginners in the real estate market who want to invest in overseas property are on the right track. Many advantages include affordability and diversification, of which the latter is an essential strategy for building your net worth and investment portfolio. Some countries also present higher capital growth appreciation forecasts and rental yields. If you don’t […]

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Home Buyers Guide to Marbella Property: Investing in Spain

As an international estate-agent, we receive many enquiries about Marbella property, and we understand the lure. Whether it is a beachfront condominium, luxury villa, townhouse, or a family-home, becoming a homeowner in Spain, offers many benefits including the gorgeous weather, tasty cuisine, and that time-honoured Spanish culture. Marbella also is an excellent base. Backed by […]

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Buying Property in Spain: Your Useful Starter Guide

Ask many foreigners living or owning homes, if buying property in Spain is a good idea, and they will say it is one of the best things they have done. Bargain prices on the housing market have still not reached their peak since the 2008 crash, and add this to the lifestyle, culture, heritage, temps […]

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Or Visa Portugal: Invest for Residency

Sur l'ensemble des programmes d'investissement à travers le monde, le système d'or Visa Portugal est l'un des plus populaires. Lancé en 2012, thousands of non-EU nationalities around the world have used it to gain visas and residency rights for themselves and their family. Statistiques publié en 2018 shows the program’s soaring popularity, et cette renommée […]

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Marbella’s finest homes set to shine in new ‘post virus’ world

The post Covid-19 landscape should make prime property in Spain’s Costa del Sol even more attractive to the world’s rich and famous, ledit spot Bleu International Property en Octobre, following signs that wealthy people are seeking to adapt their lifestyle to spend less time in the office and more time with family in enjoyable, healthy […]

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Where to Buy in Costa Blanca: Best Places to Look at Homes for Sale

Many overseas property buyers looking at Spain often wonder where to buy in Costa Blanca. Whether they want a holiday home, acheter pour louer, property investment or somewhere to permanently resettle and retire, the country provides many choices. The distinct diversity of the northern and southern areas instantly stands out. Anyone looking for a hillier […]

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Achat immobilier international: Guide du marché immobilier mondial

Si vous envisagez d'investir dans l'immobilier international, c'est une sage décision à faire. Après tout, tout investisseur averti dispose d'un large portefeuille de différents types de propriétés. aditionellement, vous voudrez peut-être un endroit d'été au soleil, prendre sa retraite et vivre à l'étranger. Et quel choix il y a! Des centaines de pays […]

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6 Tips for Buying Property Overseas: Investing Abroad with Confidence

Alors, you are thinking of buying property overseas and naturally find yourself out of your depth. Regardless of which country you choose to buy in, it is a new real estate market that needs careful navigation. aditionellement, there is the standard red tape to complete, and having heard some many horror stories; you want to […]

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Visages célèbres à Bodrum: Pourquoi les célébrités affluent vers la péninsule de luxe de la Turquie

Quand il s'agit de repérer des visages célèbres à Bodrum, la réputation de longue date de la péninsule de courtiser les riches et les talentueux remonte à des décennies. Jusqu'aux années 1930, les artisans ont afflué sur la parole de Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli autrement connu comme le pêcheur d'Halicarnasse et l'homme qui a porté ses fruits à sa renommée. […]

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