L'industrie touristique turque Hébergé 39.5 Millions d'étrangers en 2018

L'industrie du tourisme turc a accueilli 39.5 millions de touristes étrangers en 2018 et 6.62 millions de Turcs vivant à l'étranger, marquant ainsi son plus grand succès l'année à ce jour. Les chiffres publiés par Turk Stat, les pays statistiques officielles portail ont montré une augmentation d'année en année de 21.45% de Janvier à Décembre.

Bien que tous les mois a montré une augmentation du nombre de visiteurs, January and March stood out as the two most significant with percentage rises of 36.7 et 32.71. These two months are outside of Turkey’s principal holiday season which runs from May to October and can be credited with a rise city break dwellers and other off-the-beaten-track locations.

Turkish Tourism Industry’s Most Popular Places

The same stats showed the five most visited destinations, and to no surprise, Istanbul ranked in at first place. Historically, leading the way of Turkish tourism, it hosted 13,432,990 people taking up a 34% market share of the industry.

The city holds the country’s most popular tourist attraction, the old district of Sultanahmet that is home to various Byzantine and Ottoman landmarks like the Blue Mosque and Hagia Sophia. It has also diversified to be a leader in health and medical tourism and is well known for its luxury shopping scene.

Antalya rocked in at second place by hosting 12,438,822 tourists that contributed 31.50% to the industry. Including the city centre and smaller coastal resorts, it’s the top beach and golfing destination in Turkey.

The following three destinations were Edirne that hosted 3,835,131 visitors marking a share of 9.71%, Aegean Mugla that hosted 2,723,815 tourists accounting for 6.9%. This province includes the popular beach holiday districts of Marmaris, Fethiye et Bodrum. enfin, North-eastern Artvin hosted 2,360,270 people taking up nearly 6% of the market share.

Top Five Nationalities

Often preferring the Mediterranean Antalya district, the top visitor nationality was Russian which is again no surprise compared to previous years. Russians made up 15.10% of tourists with record figures of nearly 6,000,000 personnes. The following four nationalities were…..

  • Allemands: 11.43%: 4,512,360 visiteurs
  • Bulgarie: 6.04%: 2,386,885 personnes
  • Royaume-Uni: 5.71%: 2,254,871 touristes
  • Géorgie: 5.24%: 2,069, 392 visiteurs

Revenue and Expectations for 2019

Dans une autre annonce, Turk Stat announced that revenue rose to just over 29 Milliards de dollars. This increase year-on-year of 12.3% credited individual expenditure of 22 billion and package travel for 6.9 milliard.

The reports broke down into sectors including clothes, des chaussures, food and drink. Tourists spent 966 million on souvenirs and 77 million on carpets and rugs. While the stats are impressive, they still fell short of Turkey’s target to earn 32 billion in revenue.

Riding high on the results of last year, the Turkish tourism industry is predicting another successful year in 2019. Turkey’s vision plan aims to achieve annual stats of 50 million tourists and 50 Milliards de dollars’ worth of revenue by 2023. Pour faire ça, they are diversifying Turkish tourism niches, promoting travel outside of the main season, and implementing new logos and marketing campaigns.

Turkish tourism industry

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(Infographic by Anadolu News Agency)

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