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Barbados is an eastern Caribbean island, and is an independent British Commonwealth nation. This beautiful island is famous for its incredible beaches and picturesque scenery. Around 630,000 foreign tourists every year visit the West Indies to relax, unwind and enjoy the incredible climate, which is moderately tropical and makes year round visits possible. Its turquoise waters and clean, soft, white, powdery sand make this destination a must for tourists, who love soaking up the sun on one of the many idyllic beaches. Lush greenery and exotic plants make the perfect backdrop to its delightful beaches and life here is slow and easy.
A property boom in 2006 saw construction of property on the Island at its peak. Investors have arrived since then, to buy in this magical, picturesque haven. Ranked within the top richest countries in the world, it has a mixed economy and offers a high standard of living to those who can afford luxury. The World Bank has stated that Barbados is one of the top high-income economies of the world. A funding of €10 million assisted by the European Union will aid Barbados to modernise its Financial Sector, infrastructure and International Business.
The capital of the Island is Bridgetown, here you can take a stroll around its busy streets and be enamored at its stylish colonial buildings. For those of you who enjoy shopping make your way to Broad Street and Swan Street. Immerse yourself in local and historic culture and meet the very friendly locals. There are a handful of attractions, you can visit the National Heroes Gallery and Museum of Parliament. The lush green Botanic Gardens offers a relaxing day out, watch the Hummingbirds go about their day and see the monkeys enjoying playtime. The Harrison’s Cave formation is pretty to view, and 17th-century plantation houses such as St. Nicholas Abbey, offer an insight into the islands past history. Local traditions include cricket as the national sport and of course afternoon tea which are British traditions the island has adopted. The little ones can feed the fish at the Botanic Gardens and have a go at making crafts at the craft centre, exhibits and displays can be seen by local artists and craftspeople. There is a superb range of sculptures, handmade crafts and bags, art and photography of which you can buy as souvenirs and take home for gifts, or for yourself to remember the time you spent in Barbados.
At the beach you can relax and take in the gorgeous views or you can take part in a whole array of water sports including, Jet-ski, boogie boarding, paddle boarding, surfing and kayaking are just some of the water sports that can be found. Some of the smaller boats offer fishing trips, spear fishing and swimming with the turtles. Boat trips can also be taken and you can hire a private boat trip for you and your family is you wish. If you love wildlife, there is an abundance of nature and wildlife as one would expect on this island of paradise, from green turtles, loggerheads, hawksbill turtles and leatherbacks to parrots, flamingos and peacocks. Watch them in their natural habitat and you will be in awe at the sheer beauty of the bird’s colourful plumage.
As the Island is 21 miles (34 km) in length and up to 14 miles wide (23 km) it’s the perfect size for the idyllic summer retreat, or if you are lucky enough, to live full time there. It covers an area of 167sq miles (432km2) and the islands airport is called The Grantley Adams International Airport. On average it takes around an 8 hour and 30 minutes direct flight from the UK to reach Barbados. Yes, its long haul and yes it’s worth it. If you are searching for paradise this is where you will find it and trust me you will not want to leave. This chilled way of life is unique to Barbados and it’s easy to fit in and make long lasting friendships. The weather helps too and Barbados has a moderately tropical climate giving a range of temperatures throughout the year from 21 – 31°C (70 – 88 °F) A subtle warm breeze makes it the perfect place to own a holiday home or reside there.
Barbados is split into 11 parishes with the west coast of the island considered the most picturesque. Bridgetown is located in Saint Michael parish and the utterly chic Royal West Moreland Resort is located in the parish of Saint James. Both are set on the west coast with Saint James lying north to Saint Michael. Property for sale in Royal Westmoreland, Barbados are in an ideal location as Bridgetown is just 16.9km or 10.5 miles away and it takes just 28 minutes to drive there. You can have all the tranquility of Royal Westmoreland but have the excitement and vibrancy of Bridgeton less than half an hour away. Whether you buy for a holiday home, a full time residence or for an investment, it’s a great lifestyle choice to make in wonderful Barbados.
Where to go shopping in Barbados - For those amongst us who adore diamonds and want to treat ourselves, head to the exclusive designer boutiques and luxury brand stores, tempting you inside with their amazing shop windows displays. Designer named shopping include, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Longchamp, Hugo Boss; M.A.C. Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors and Cartier. Luxury shopping is at its best here, with plenty of trendy shops and boutiques with a great selection of clothing, arts, ceramics and trinkets. If you want to indulge in a spending spree, there is nowhere better than here – don’t forget your credit card, you will need it!
Fine dining in Barbados is about fusing different cultures that mix well together, it makes for magnificent cuisine and as a result, you won't be disappointed with the flavours. Italian, British, Portuguese, Spanish and West African influences are found in the finest cuisine across the many restaurants here. These classy restaurants are where you can rub shoulders with stars and celebrities who frequent the island, as many have holiday homes in the Caribbean. Spectacular vistas are served along with amazing ocean views making you’re dining experience under the stars, one to remember.
Are you tempted yet to invest in Barbados? The beautiful Caribbean has long held a certain mystique and charm and although it receives thousands of visitors each year it still retains its exclusive status, especially where property buyers are concerned. Golfers are delighted with championship golf courses on the island, private tennis clubs and spa retreats. If you want a touch of luxury, it’s all in Barbados waiting for you. We all deserve a treat now and again and there is no better treat you can have. You can make this lifestyle choice for yourself and your family and friends and discover this alluring island, once you have, it’s never to be forgotten.
If you are considering buying a holiday hideaway to escape too, to recharge your batteries, you could look at the stylish, exclusive Royal Westmorland Resort in the parish of Saint James. This resort is set in sprawling landscaped gardens with views of the captivating beach to excite anyone. The amenities are first class with a private beach, swimming pools, tennis courts, and championship golf, plus spa and wellness facilities. Exquisite dining in perfectly set restaurants and cocktail bars. This is the life and this is the lifestyle you deserve, amongst like-minded people who want the best, life can offer.

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