Marvila’s a Freguesia (Freguesia, translates as “parish” or “civil parish,” is the third-level administrative subdivision of Portugal) is in the Lisbon district, the capital of Portugal. Marvila is located in eastern Lisbon, north of Beato and east of Alvalade, and southwest of Parque das Nacoes.

What is Marvila in Portugal like?

At the moment, Marvila is one of Lisbon’s most promising areas, with vast potential and constant growth. Marvila and Beato, with contemporary art galleries, trendy restaurants, and thriving working spaces. The streets of Marvila, located between the city centre and the large avenues of the modern Parque das Nacoes district, still retain their industrial flair while experiencing a period of transformation, with urban art filling the walls and new places such as the Braco de Prata Factory, trendy cafes and even a climbing school just around the corner. Marvila was not a fashionable neighbourhood at one time, but today it is one of Lisbon’s most sought after regions. It is now considered one of the city’s most fashionable neighbourhoods, where it all happens, and everybody wants to be. We are seeing a similar reality in Lisbon.

A community that develops and improves daily, Marvila, is slightly separated from the centre of the city. Abandoned factories, ice rinks, craft breweries, and even art galleries have become workspaces. Marvila, Bordallo and Wasted Rita have already displayed their art.

What is the history of Marvila in Portugal?

Until the 1960s, because of the light and heavy industry, it was a smokey area. There was little to see and nothing else to do. MARVILA was a place where the old residents, the memories of the vast farms, and the streets desperately longed to go somewhere else. How times have changed where we now see new generations of families wanting to settle in Marvila. In a sense, between Alfama and the vast tourism and Parque das Nacoes, the revived Lisbon brought to light by one of the popular universal shows. It was here that Marvila started to revive itself into the must place to live we see today.

What is there to do in Marvila, Portugal?

To start, it’s the artisan beer neighbourhood! Lince, Fabrica Musa, and Dois Corvos Breweries can be found. Lince collaborates with friends that began by making beer at home and is now based in Marvila and have produced 17 beer types, but only 4 of the 17 have been sold, such as the stout, blonde, Belgian pale ale, and American IPA. This is a great place to visit if your fan of beer. When visiting this side of the city, Musa is a must-see. It retains its industrial vibe and its beers, including Mick Lager, Red Zeppelin Ale, have very unusual names. Finally, you can find the first craft beer ever made in Lisbon at Dois Corvos, the first brewery in Marvila with the right to the Marvila Collection, which you can find exclusively there.

Later in the day, if you go around the city, there are still some bars that will captivate you. Hearonimo Baar, Armazem 16, and EKA Palace are all highlighted. The first is named after Fernando Pessoa and is named Baar, honouring the heteronyms of Pessoa. It’s complimentary to Chackal’s newest restaurant, and the delicious cocktails must not be skipped. Armazem 16 is still a secret in the region, although it has a spectacular view of the River Tajo, with 36 windows there are already a few Portuguese who have organized parties here, such as DJ Vibe or Fuse. But if you’re looking for an after-party, EKA is the place to go. It is the perfect place for someone who wants the party never to stop, with weekend parties that last until lunch the next day. Perhaps not persuaded? This is one of the city’s new regions, and you’re going to enjoy getting to know it.

What is it like working and living in Marvila, Portugal?

At all times, life isn’t all fun and games, and one has to work too. Fabrica Moderna, Lisbon Workhub, and Cowork todos are co-working spaces of sorts. An innovative foundry where ideas are turned into products is considered to be Fabrica Moderna. You can rent your room regularly at the Lisbon Workhub and join other entrepreneurs, freelancers, and nomads who share the same workspace.

Several desks in the mythical wine warehouse of Abel Pereira da Fonseca and an enormous source of inspiration. Finally, in 2013, Cowork Todos came into full swing and draw more than 60 independent artists. A workspace, a workshop, conference rooms, and even make-up spaces can be reserved. For everyone, there is space which makes Marvila an exciting option to enjoy a work and a social life. The rentals are still affordable, and property is becoming increasingly popular to invest in. For new companies, a garage is the size of a warehouse, and it has become a necessary detail. Marvila has been put on the map by bars, restaurants, cultural complexes (such as Fabrica do Braco de Prata) ensuring that the neighbourhood remains and develops. Renewed buildings and new riverfront homes are daily reminders that those who expect this district to be one of the most popular in Lisbon, are right.

Why should you visit Marvila in Portugal?

If you are looking to relocate to one of the most loved cities in Europe, Marvila in Lisbon is a great option to choose. Not only can you live in the neighbourhood, you can work there too. For those that love city living where everything is on your doorstep this is a fantastic location to be in. Properties are more affordable than other parts of Lisbon and you can explore exciting Lisbon from Marvila every weekend if you so wish. Marvila’s beautiful old buildings are been transformed in to stunning properties that suit professionals, couples and families alike. These homes offer amazing views over the water and whatever you want to get out of living in Marvila, you can as it has something for everyone. But, if you just want to visit, you will surely return time and time again.
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