Exploring the Four Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands of Spain is divided into Gimnesias in the North and Pitiusas in South West. The island gets 300 days of sun each year. Due to the richness in culture and the hospitality of the inhabitants, the Balearic Islands are considered to be one of the most preferred holiday destinations in the country. There is no such person who had spent his vacations in the island and didn’t wish to return. Many visitors have even preferred to make the island their home.

Four chief Balearic Islands

Four of the chief Balearic Islands are located in the each corner of Spain which includes Menorca, Ibiza, Mallorca and Formentera. Each island has its own distinct character.

1. Menorca

Menorca is the island rich in modern resorts. The capital town, Moa has one of the deepest harbor and a small port named Ciutdella.

2. Ibiza

Ibiza is unique but its capital town is full of history. The island consists of gays, clubbers and people having bohemian character.

3. Mallorca

Mallorca is the best known island and it is the largest among the four too. It is mostly sunny out here, but the island also consists of clichés, Palma resorts, and east coast. It also consists of group old towns, coves and the city of Palma.

4 .Formentera

Formentera is rich for its beaches but there is no sign of culture in the island. It is one of the small islands but it has coves and sands reaching miles. This chilled island is known for its natural beauty. The conventional whitewashed houses are what commonly seen in the island.


It is easy to access any of these islands from main land Spain. Flights are active throughout summer but during winters, only Mallorca is found connected. The islands are accessed through the inter-island ferries. The rent of the rooms and prices of food are considerably high in the Balearic Islands. Finding rental cars is not always easy. The easy way of travelling around is to choose bus, bicycle, scooter or moped. The rental car companies don’t allow visitors to take the car from one island to the other.


The language spoken throughout the Balearic Islands is Catalan but each island has a different dialect. However, most of the locals are found speaking Castilian. There is even different way to pronounce the names of the Balearic Islands. Other languages that are spoken by the locals include German, English and Italian.


As the Balearic Islands are located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, they have the typical Mediterranean weather.

Sunshine is mainly seen throughout the months in the islands.


The Balearic Islands have a combination of Spanish, Catalan and the Mediterranean cuisines. The food that is famous in these islands includes pork, pastry, seafood, cheese and wine. There is even a local pork sausage that is famous among the locals called Sobrassada. Menorca is famous for its lobster stew, and mayonnaise was also found in this island. Coca, Ensaimada and Floa are the famous local pastries of Balearic Islands.