Guide to Explore Calpe

Calpe is an old coastal town located in Spain having some nice avenues where you can see the modern styled buildings and ancient architectures. Calpe is 300 years old but this area still has a great sense of tourist attractions which depict the traditions and history of this coast. The romans re-established a colony on the coast where fish trading is done. There are many amazing and beautiful places in Calpe to explore which also include various tourist resorts. It is not a boring place to be.

Sight Seeing

Calpe is well known for its Costa Blanca and one of the amazing landmarks of the coast is the Penon de ifach which is a huge rock, towering above 600m high. This rock is located right on the beach in Calpe. You can choose to view it from any direction. You can see high rising buildings which have apartments and hotels right from the rock. During your visit, you must explore the local market which is famous for its fish, fruits and vegetables and some other eatables. Saturday is the market day in the coast. Oktoberfest is one of the famous festivals held in Calpe on the Costa Blanca which is organized and maintained by the Carnival Club Calpe Association.

Popular Beaches in Calpe

In Calpe, on each side of the rock there are two amazing sandy beaches. This is the main reason why people come to enjoy their holidays in Calpe. The beaches are all geared up with high quality sand and the water is clean. These beaches are huge area wise and you can always find a perfect spot even if it is crowded.

There are many excellent facilities provided to the visitors including the play areas for children. The beaches in Calpe hold a blue flag which indicates that they are certified as being clean by the European Foundation for Environment Education. The beaches are surrounded by various restaurants, clubs and bars which offer a great variety of drinks, foods and entertainment.

Famous Fish Market

On the right side of the rock, there is a famous fish market. Every day, the boats filled with fishes caught by farmers arrive and auctions are held for the purchasing of fresh fish at this market. Raw fish is displayed at the restaurants and the visitors can chose any according to their taste. The chef takes the fish back to the kitchen where it is cooked and served to the visitors.

Where to Stay?

Calpe has the best 188 beach hotels where you can stay and enjoy your visit. You will be fascinated by the services of these hotels and one of the amazing things is that these hotels are cheap and they provide their customers with the best hospitality features. The famous among these 18 hotels are the Gran Hotel Solymar, Villa Marisol and the hotel AR Diamante Beach.

Property in Calpe

The prices of the Property in Calpe largely depend on the Seaview and the age of the property. From simple to luxurious properties, everything is available.