In a beautiful part of Majorca, Canyamel Pins is in a natural beauty spot, and the town maintains its typical Spanish feel. It isn’t set up like some of Spain’s resorts are, and that’s what’s so unique about it. Families enjoy its atmosphere of laid back tranquillity and its scenic landscapes. However, there is plenty to do if you choose to participate in sports, and there is a great selection to choose from. Tourists who enjoy golf, tennis, and water sports flock to this area, and it is undoubtedly a massive attraction for lovers of the beach. It’s known locally as one of the prettiest resorts on Majorca (Mallorca).

History of Canyamel Pins, Spain

The name Canyamel is taken from the sugar cane grown in this part of Majorca in the 18th century. The Latin name comes from sugar cane and honey, and today the British ex-pats who have made their home there are called Canyamel “Caramel” and the town is called “Caramelo” by the Spanish locals.

What is Canyamel Pins in Spain like?

Woods and mountains flank the beautiful beach awarded with the Blue Flag status, with clean golden sand and clear blue waters. The Torrente de Canyamel River, flows to the beach from the nearby historical town of Arta, which is just 8 km away, providing freshwater.

There are several rivers in the Canyamel Pins region, and it was an essential target for pirates to attack hundreds of years ago. History enthusiasts will learn a lot from this place, and the opportunity to explore it further is offered to anyone keen on local history.

For holidaymakers who have been fortunate enough to discover it and the Spanish locals, the pretty beach here is beyond a major attraction.

What is there to do in Canyamel Pins, Spain?

Primarily sports are one of the main reasons tourists like the area. There are plenty of golf courses and tennis courts that the keen golfer and tennis player seeks out. Rafael Nadal and Carlos Moya, the famous tennis players, come from Majorca. Boat sailing, scuba diving, and snorkeling are among the most popular water sports. Paddle sailing, canoeing, and windsurfing are also excellent here, and there is a flourishing yachting community. The east coast of Mallorca is stunning, and you can see the lovely Balearic Island of Menorca nearby. With rugged cliff tops and coves that provide picturesque views for walkers and hikers, the landscape is mountainous. For cyclists, the roads that surround the mountains are superb, as are the coastal routes. Canyamel Pins is where you can visit if you love the outdoor lifestyle in abundant sunshine.

Where is close to Canyamel Pins, Spain?

The historic town of Capdepera is just 5 km away by car. Capdepera Castle is one of the largest castles in Mallorca. Once a Watchtower, the fortress was fundamental in keeping the village secure from pirates. The fortress was built hundreds of years ago, and during the 14th century, it was restored to its former glory. A mere 8 km drive from Canyamel Pins, situated in the Llevant Natural Park Valley, is the picturesque village of Arta. Amongst the scenic mountains, the park is located and is utterly breathtaking. Arta is a peaceful village, and its historical attractions, including the Caves d’Arta and the Sant Salvador Sanctuary with its surrounding walls, is open every Tuesday. Visit Ses Païsses settlement and Talaiotic of the Bronze Age. Local crafts include weaving baskets and pottery and creating beautiful souvenirs and gifts. Arta is situated just 10 km from the coast in the countryside, a little bit inland. Delightful Cala Millor is the largest resort on the east coast of Mallorca, shopping includes brand names and designer shops, you can find anything you want in Cala Millor. Canyamel Pins provides you with markets and small stores enough for daily provisions.

Is there a golf course in Canyamel Pins, Spain?

A few minutes away from the golf courses is Canyamel Pins. Thanks to the superb range of facilities available, they are suitable for golfers and their families. The 18-hole golf course was built in 1988 and blends into the surrounding landscape beautifully.

The stunning views from these golf courses on the fairway and over the Mediterranean Sea are second to none. The pretty beach is a mere 400 metres away, and this is one of the island’s most scenic locations.

How do you reach Canyamel Pins, Spain?

It takes only two hours and fifteen minutes to fly from the UK to Palma de Mallorca International Airport, the largest airport on the island and the nearest airport to Canyamel Pins. Palma Airport is only five miles (8 km from the centre of Palma, the capital of Mallorca. The transfer to Canyamel Pins from the airport takes just over an hour. Transfers are by shuttle bus, private transfer, renting of private cars, or taxi, with a large number of taxis outside the arrivals. Boat and ferry services are available from the ports of Palma and Alcudia if you prefer to arrive at your resort in style. This is where you can enjoy your first taste of Spanish sunshine.

What is the climate like in Canyamel Pins, Spain?

The climate is Mediterranean, with humid, dry summers and mild winters. It can get very humid, but it cools and welcomes the sea breeze across the island. The hottest months are July and August, with temperatures of 31°C. With temperatures of 15°C, January is the coldest month, and July has the most daily sunshine with 12 hours a day.

Mallorca sees ample sunshine in the Balearic Islands and is visited by about 8 million visitors a year. Perhaps as it appeals and caters to so many, it is the most famous of the Balearic Islands. The best way to spend lots of time on the island is to invest in real estate in Canyamel Pins. In this beautiful location of Canyamel, extended summer holidays, mid-week breaks, and endless long weekends can enrich your lifestyle for the better, who wouldn’t want that lifestyle!

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