Costa Calida basically is a 250 kilometer strip of land along the Mediterranean in the Murcia province. Murcia has been marked as the 9th largest province of Spain, at least when it comes to the area. It comprises of several destinations of interest for travelers, as its tourism industry thrives on a combination of historic attractions and modern resort communities.

La Manga – A Pool Of Awesomeness

La Manga is one of the most visited cities in Costa Calida. It features 22 kilometers of sandy beaches that vary in width from 100 0 800 meters. On one side lie the clear waters of the Mediterranean, whereas on the other side are the Mar Menor warm waters, which is Europe’s largest salt water lagoon. Water sports fanatics flock to La Manga. There is an amazing scuba diving club that welcomes divers with all skill levels.

If you are looking for a guide through these waters on either side of the city, then you will surely find them available. However, if you want to explore it on your own, you will find the variety of ocean life quite fascinating. Newbie generally start in Mar Menor and then move up to boat dives in the Mediterranean once they have gained more experience. Both these seas offer an exclusive view of the world, divers from all around the globe come over to see what La Manga’s ocean floor has to offer.

The Amazing Nightlife With World-Class Dining

If diving is not really your thing, La Manga offers a booming nightlife along with a string of world renowned dining options. If you have kids, there are several different restaurants that feature kids’ menu for those less than 12 years of age. If you are considering staying at one of the local hotels, you can enjoy the option of a babysitter so that you can enjoy a romantic, quiet meal with your sweetheart. From Pizza to Asian cuisine, the dining options are vast. The nightlife features everything from live music to dance clubs with styles borrowed from all cultures of the world. If you are looking for jazz, you have got it! If you want to dance, you just have to make sure you find the right club.

The Port City of Cartagena

La Manga is not the only thing that Costa Calida is offering. Cartagena, the port city is another enthralling place to visit. It is a walled town with several forts built for the purpose of defense, Catagena city has a rich history of architecture and features several ruins of Roman origin. Several different museums of the city are built into the old ruins. There is also an old temple to the Phoenician god Melqart. All these ruins happen to some of the most interesting sights in the entire province of Murcia.

The City of Mazzaron

One other city that comes with a rich history is Mazzaron. The Former Culture Center and Town Hall are the prime examples of the Modernist style admired in the early twentieth century, and the Church of San Andreas features the 16th century architecture.

Costa Calida guide mainly features a thriving nightlife, ancient ruins, and hundreds of kilometers of amazing beaches. Visitors will find all their curiosities stimulated in every single city lining Costa Calida. Whether you want to make a history on your own or want to see history come to life, Costa Calida has what you desire.