Villajoyosa, is in the province of Alicante, in the Valencian Community, Spain, by the Mediterranean Sea, is a coastal town and municipality. The town is known only as La Vila to the locals. Villajoyosa is a secret gem of a tourist resort situated between Benidorm and San Juan on Spain’s northern Costa Blanca coastline.

What is Villajoyosa in Spain like?

This traditional Spanish town is ideally situated along the Costa Blanca coastline. Translated, Costa Blanca, means White Coast, and this pretty town has colorful painted fishing cottages next to the stunning palm-fringed seafront, and the old town center is full of Gothic-style buildings and Roman bridges.

History of Villajoyosa in Spain

This picturesque town is rich in history and goes back to the 6th century with its cultural heritage. Over the years, many foreigners, including the Greeks, Phoenicians, the Romans, and the Moors, have settled here. The Romans stayed here the longest and launched a fish salting industry in the area.

The town has been an important trading point along this coastline stretch for many centuries; King Pedro IV permitted to trade in olive oil, cereals, fruit, and wine. The town was significant for shipbuilding in the 16th century, but the Barbary Pirates, who came from Algeria, also attacked it. Villajoyosa translates from Spanish to mean a Joyful Town and that it certainly is!

What resorts are close to Villajoyosa, Spain?

When you visit Villajoyosa, as the Costa Blanca is one of the top resorts for tourists to visit in Spain and Europe, you can see one of the most popular holiday spots in Spain. It is conveniently situated near the resorts of Benidorm, Altea, Denia, and Alicante. Via AP-7 and N332, buses from Villajoyosa to other major cities and towns are available, while the rest of Spain is just a bus ride away. By Car: Villajoyosa is easily accessible from the significant Spanish cities, as it is situated at one of the AP-7 intersections, 26 km from Alicante and 8 km from Benidorm.

What does Villajoyosa, Spain have to offer?

This historic town runs the entire length of the large sandy and welcoming beach, where a horseshoe-shaped mountain that is part of the range of Sierra Aitana is its backdrop. It is no wonder that it is a favorite holiday destination, situated at the mouth of a river that flows straight into the Mediterranean Sea, just 26 km from Alicante’s famous city. This coastline offers 10 km of golden beaches, and its terracotta, blue and yellow coloured cottages give a tremendous splash of colour to the beachfront and marina. Why not take a boat ride to the island of Tabarca if you fancy a day trip, or go to Elche to see the largest palm forest in Europe, where you can walk through the lush forest or visit the Canelobre Caves?

What are the beaches in Villajoyosa, Spain like?

It is known that Villajoyosa has the whitest sandy beaches in the entire Costa Blanca and has the status of a blue flag. Villajoyosa is architecturally so vivid that Salvador de Bahia is a reminder of one of the Brazilian cities. The expanse of white sand is framed by a promenade with mostly Spanish bars and restaurants, with plenty of palm trees offering the requisite shade for a lovely day out.

For little kids, the beach also has an extensive play area. In Villajoyosa La Platja Centre (central beach near to the city centre), there are three main beaches. There is also a watchtower on El Paradis Beach and Xarco Beach, and a Roman Tower on Torres Beach.

The Raco del Conill, Bon Nou and La Caleta Beaches, with their clear waters, are also worth a look. The small cove is used for diving and naturism. The beaches are also popular with water sports enthusiasts. There are excellent facilities and stores, bars and restaurants in abundance, a fish market and busy local market, where you can pick up fresh local items, home-made local souvenirs, trinkets, and crafts.

What is there to do in Villajoyosa, Spain?

As the famous Valor Chocolate is made in Villajoyosa, chocolate lovers flock here, and a day at the chocolate factory is the dream of every child and most adults! The town’s main festivals take place in May, July, and September, and the festival lasts for one week in July and has been held here for over 250 years. Villajoyosa is a beautiful location sometimes referred to as Spain’s Caribbean, perfect for families, couples, and groups of friends searching for a laid back holiday or lifestyle.

Benidorm is only 8 km away, where you can visit thrilling theme parks and enjoy a vibrant atmosphere. You still have the chance to enjoy all the nightlife that Benidorm has to offer. Sea World (Mundomar) theme parks include Aqualandia, a water park with exciting rides and flumes. Terra Mitica is an ancient world amusement park with rides and roller coasters, and Terra Natura has its water park called Aqua Natura, filled with animals and entertainment. Altea is 27 minutes away (20.2 km), 33 minutes from Calpe (35.2 km), 37 minutes from Guadalest (29.1 km and 49 minutes from Algar Falls (29.5 km).

Are there markets in Villajoyosa, Spain?

Villajoyosa Market Day is on Thursdays. There are fish markets in the port regularly, and flea markets are held on Sundays.
Walking in Villajoyosa, Spain Villajoyosa has some fantastic walks along the coast, known as Caminos de la Costa in Spanish. After you
have crossed the River Amadorio, the Xarco walk heads south; highlights include the Virgin de la Salud shrine, the beaches of Paradis and Bol Nou, and the Xarco watchtower. You can also try the Cala Walk, going north this path is rockier with cliffs, highlights include the houses of Arrabal, the Vila Joiosa Bay, fishing port and the beaches of Estudiants, Torres and Raco del Conill as well as the Torre de Sant Josep
Roman funeral tower.

What is the weather like in Villajoyosa, Spain?

With a mild climate and an average year-round temperature of 18-20°C, the Costa Blanca and Villajoyosa are superbly located in the Mediterranean. Ideal for spending, not just perfect summers here but also winters. The temperature ranges in January from a mild 18°C to a sizzling 31°C in August.

How do you reach Villajoyosa in Spain?

To reach the resort of Villajoyosa, you can fly direct from the UK and Europe to Alicante Airport. It’s only 48.9 km, about a 40-minute drive via the Ap-7 and A70. Airport transfers are by shuttle bus, private transfer, private rental car, or taxi.

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