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The United States of America is a vast country and offers something for everyone. Whether you enjoy the big cities where you can shop until you drop in New York or Chicago, or do you prefer the family theme parks of Florida, as they say, the US can make your dreams come true. With so many states to choose from the US can take forever to discover, how about cattle ranching in Texas or enjoying the nightlife in Miami it’s all there and much more. Although it is not an old country it has much to offer and millions visit every year. In fact, it’s the 3rd most visited country in the world with more than 76.9 million foreign tourists descending on US soil.
The United States of America is made up of 50 states that span this vast land. Its area is 9.834 million km² with a population of 327.2 million. The capital of the United States is Washington D.C. its financial hub is in New York, Chicago is famous for its innovative architecture and possibly the most well-known states are Florida famed for its Walt Disney World Resort and California/Los Angeles where films are made. The Pacific Ocean sits on the west coast whilst the Atlantic Ocean is on the east coast.
Orlando in Florida is a favourite holiday destination and a popular choice to buy property. It is home to many theme parks including Walt Disney World, Magic Kingdom, Epcot and numerous water parks. Universal Orlando, Universal Studios plus Islands of Adventure and let’s not forget the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. What child doesn’t want to visit Walt Disney World, come to think of it what adult doesn’t? Investing in a home in Orlando means fun filled family holidays whenever you choose and if you want to make an income from your home you can do that to. Simply let your holiday home out when you are not using it yourself. Disneyland alone sees a staggering 44,000 daily visitors and most homes are within a 30 minute drive from all of the theme parks and attractions.
However, it’s not all about theme parks, Florida is popular with Americans and foreigners to retire too. They can enjoy the fabulous weather and slower pace of life in scenic surroundings. Southern Florida benefits from a tropical climate, January is the coldest month and July is typically the hottest. It takes just over 9 hours to fly nonstop from the UK to Orlando and with numerous flights per day, it’s understandable to see why Florida is popular.
Those that love an adventure will often drive along the famous Route 66. Built in 1926 it spans for 3,940 km and traditionally it’s driven from east to west. It begins in Chicago, Illinois, northeast of the US and ends at the edge of the Pacific Ocean in Santa Monica, California, southwest of the US. The drive can be completed in two weeks, however, it’s advisable to truly appreciate the drive and it should take around four weeks. It’s a great way to see America and cross eight states and three time zones.
When tourists visit the United States they generally don’t visit for two weeks, it is a long haul flight so many often stay for three to four weeks. They have a specific destination in mind and go there maybe for two weeks and then travel. Discovering the delights of Florida include, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Miami and the Everglades National Park plus many more resorts.
New York is another favourite city to explore and is particularly enchanting around Christmas time. Shoppers can get everything they want here from Bloomingdales to Tiffany’s and there is so much choice of where to eat. From traditional diners to fine dining to fast food outlets and if you like entertainment you are in for a treat. Manhattan is the financial district and it is most definitely the place to be seen out and about town. You can visit the iconic Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty and the vast Central Park which covers 2.5 miles of beautiful park, lakes and a zoo. Keen theatre buffs will head to Broadway and Times Square to see the latest production or take in a classic. Here you will see shows galore, cinema and lots of bars and eateries. As they say, New York never sleeps and you can get whatever you want at any time in NY. On average around 60 million visitors head to New York every year.
Las Vegas is another big attraction, this glitzy and glamorous city is where everything is done on a grand scale. Whether you are taking in a show, cabaret evening or a live music event it will blow your mind how extravagant and opulent they are. Casinos and nightclubs are big business here and it’s not called the gambling capital of the world for nothing. An amazing 42 million visitor’s flock to Vegas each year and they spend a staggering 60 billion USD.
Los Angeles is of course home to Hollywood and it’s where the stars of the silver screen live and work. It’s a year round destination with superb Mediterranean weather and gorgeous beaches. Yes, it’s where the beautiful people live and you only have to stroll around Rodeo Drive to see them. The Hollywood Walk of Fame is where you can see your favourite star’s name immortalised forever and more than 2,600 film stars have been given this prestigious honour. Around 42.5 million tourists visit Los Angeles each year.
Washington D.C. is where you will find the hub of the government. The White House, the Supreme Court, the Unites States Capitol, the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial. It’s also where you will find many other iconic buildings, museums and monuments. Anyone who is keen on history or politics will find Washington D.C. fascinating and can visit, the National Gallery of Art/Smithsonian Art Museum, Smithsonian Castle, Natural History Museum, White House Visitor Center, Air and Space Museum, American History Museum and the Holocaust Memorial Museum.
The climate in the US has a wide variety of climates due to the vast size of the country. Saying that, generally it’s considered to have a continental climate, meaning hot summers with cold winters. The seasons can be very different depending on location and distance from the sea. There are six different time zones across the US. Starting from the west and heading east they are Hawaii, Alaska, Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern. To the north of the United States of America is Canada and to the south is Mexico. The Caribbean Islands are found to the east of Central America and lie in the Caribbean Sea.
It doesn’t matter whether you want beaches, countryside and mountains or a bustling city you can find it all in the United States of America. Along with every sport you can imagine, including water sports, climbing, hiking, golf, tennis, you name it, you can find it. Flights to the US are plentiful and from the majority of international airports. Yes, they are long haul but from the UK you can reach the east coast in less than 7 hours. The southern states take 8.5 hours and to visit the west coast, it will take about 10.5 hours.
Is it worth the flight time? Yes it is, you will find the US a wonderful country to visit, so vast and each state very different. The question is, which state do you start your journey in?

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