Land for sale in Turkey

Land for sale in Turkey is a bit like a number 52 bus (British joke), you don’t see any for ages and then 3 come at once. In theory, land in Turkey is highly sought after, especially land on the Mediterranean Coast. Turkey is one of the few places where the ordinary working man can still afford to buy land and build his own holiday home on the Med, whereas in the likes of Spain and Italy that has long been unaffordable to most of us.

However, unfortunately, this is not new information to everyone, and now almost all of the land on the coast has been developed, or purchased and is being readied for building. All is not lost, however; you can still find some pretty good deals on land in Turkey but you need a good agent such as ourselves to help you as land is normally sold off-market which means you don’t see it advertised often. As agents, we know who the land sellers are and negotiate a good price with the seller to get the best deal possible. Once you have purchased your land and you want to build a villa or house on it we sit with you to design the perfect home for you with our architects and your input is welcomed.

What we are seeing more than ever are holiday home buyers and investors preferring to buy a plot of land or several plots together and designing their own house or villa to their own specifications. Plots of land bought by buyers wanting a single dwelling are usually bought in 500sqm, 750sqm or 1000sqm parcels obviously the bigger the plot the bigger the house you can build. The Turkish Government has strict rules and regulations on the size of dwelling you can build in relation to the size of plot and you will be advised on this before buying your chosen plot. If you are buying agricultural land most likely building permission will not have been applied for, generally most other types of land for sale especially the smaller plots will already have building permission for a single dwelling when you are enquiring about a plot of land ask about the building permission status.

Land can often be bought just a 10 or 20-minute walk from the beach and still gives amazing views. Ideally, if you look for resorts or villages with a backdrop of pine forests, hills and mountains more often than not you can buy a plot of land stepping up into the hill or mountain which once developed it will give you uninterrupted spectacular views. You then have the choice as to what you will do with your garden area. Maybe a private pool large or small it is up to you, with a sunbathing area where you can rest and relax, a delightful patio where you can eat your breakfast al fresco style in the mornings. As the sunshine’s for 300 days every year in Turkey outside living is what most do and the bbq becomes a close friend so a nice area for a bbq and seating where you can eat is a must.

First-time investors usually buy an apartment to start with then generally they rent out their apartment to bring in some income and invest in land and build their dream home. They visit Turkey more frequently and at some point, they often decide to reside full time in their Turkish property. Buying land and building a villa is a great investment even if you want to just rent your villa out as the rental returns are lucrative and holidaymakers love the fact that a villa is private especially with a pool. Some investors buy a couple of plots and build two or more villas to maximise rental returns it’s an ideal way of recouping some of your initial outgoings. Increasingly we are seeing holidaymakers and tourists preferring to rent a villa for the duration of their holiday for various reasons. Usually, a family group may want to holiday together and opt to rent a large 6 bedroom villa for example, as a private villa offers more space, privacy and freedom of movement that a hotel doesn’t do. All inclusive packages are not as popular as they once were; holidaymakers are seeing that the all-inclusive deals are not as good as they are led to believe. The same rush for the sunbeds each and every morning is tiresome and the same type of foods are served night in night out and after a 14 day holiday frankly, people have had enough. One of the advantages of renting a private villa is that it gives people the choice to try different restaurants, they are not tied to meal times and your sunbed is left in the same spot as the day before and you don’t have to get up early to secure it! This is why investors plough their money into land in Turkey, it’s more affordable than other European countries and the type of property they can build is far more luxurious.

On occasion land in some of the most beautiful locations in Turkey become available for sale and these areas can be close to beauty spots such as Lakes in fairly quiet locations. Perhaps in areas that have not yet been developed but lie between two towns and at some point these towns will link up in the future. Here you will find land sold very cheaply and it is worth considering buying several plots together for a future investment. These plots will have no infrastructure (no electricity or water supply) for now, however the Government will usually have a work commencement date in mind. It goes without saying once the infrastructure is in place the price of the land will increase in value, therefore if you find such a place and can sit on the plots for a few years it is worth doing as eventually a developer will come along and want to build, this is where you can make your investment work well for you, nevertheless it takes time and patience.

The Turkish coastline is an impressive 8000km which runs from the Aegean to the Mediterranean and beyond and although a lot of this land close to the beach has been developed already a little inland you can still find great plots for sale. Generally the closer the plot is to the beach the more expensive it is but a couple of kilometres inland on a hill as mentioned earlier you will have superb views which means if you opt to sell at a later date the panoramic views will factor into your sale price.

Land prices in the cities or close to them are more expensive as you can appreciate it’s the same across the globe. The travel links and cultural amenities are all on hand and the road and rail network links are on your doorstep. If you are looking for a more affordable options look about 30 minutes outside of the city and land for sale there will be a better price. You will still have all the travel links at your fingertips you just need a short journey to go into the city.

There are restrictions on some Nationalities buying land in certain areas of Turkey and what type of land they want to buy, these nationalities need special permission from the Ministry of Interior in Turkey and you will be advised of this at the time of your land enquiry.

Turkey is one of the hottest property markets in the world, and has been for over 10 years now, so a lot of the land has been purchased for development. If you are looking to buy land in Turkey, the chances are that all of the lands for sale in the area you are looking at is too expensive (has been bought for resale) or there is none at all because it has all been bought and is being developed.

Hope is not lost though because frequently developers can’t get planning permission for the extravagant development they have bought the land for, or they can’t get funding. Thus, quite often they will be looking to sell the land. It is a fact that they will get more for the land if they sell it off in parcels than as one lot, so they often do this. So, you can find no land for sale one day and then three plots the next.
Some developers miss the fact that selling in parcels will give them more of their money back, but they can often be nudged in the right direction, especially by an agent who has buyers waiting. Speaking of agents… We have our finger on the pulse of the Turkish land market, if you can’t find what you are looking for or want to discuss any other aspect of Turkish property, give us a call on 0208 339 6036 we are here to assist and advise you.

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