Mediterranean Sea and Mijas

The Mediterranean Sea, with its dramatic shoreline, agreeable climate, and diverse wildlife, is an aquatic playground for people interested in a range of outdoor sports.

Mijas, located on Málaga's beautiful coastline, is nearly 430 metres above sea level and offers panoramic views of the Mediterranean and the rugged scenery that rolls away in every direction.

Mijas' magnificent position attracts a large number of tourists, yet it has retained its traditional Pueblo Blanco charm, as you will discover if you have to take a cab. When you arrive at the queue, you will be greeted with a row of donkeys rather than vehicles. Mijas is split into two residential and tourism zones: Mijas pueblo is located on a hilltop, while Mijas costa is where the beaches are located.


Adventurous individuals of all ages exploring the Costa del Sol may fulfil their interests year-round with a varied range of water-based activities.

If there is a water activity you've always wanted to try, there is a good chance you may do so while vacationing in Mijas, thanks to convenient venues that are easily accessible with a Malaga car rental. Therefore, in order to familiarise yourself with what is available, continue reading below to discover which water activities to enjoy on the Costa del Sol.

Jet-skiing on the Mediterranean Sea

Jet skiing is the patriarch of all water sports but one that has a bad image due to irresponsible skiers speeding too near to fisherman and bathers in the past.

However, in the Costa del Sol, dedicated and well-marked nautical zones separate jet-skiers from the regular near-shore activities, allowing them to enjoy high-octane skimming over the sea without bothering swimmers or beachgoers.

Scuba Diving/Snorkelling on the Mediterranean Sea

Scuba diving and snorkelling are two excellent ways to explore the Mediterranean Sea. Not only are these activities intriguing because they enable you to observe vivid marine life up close, but diving can be an exciting experience when venturing deep under the ocean's surface.

Snorkelling is an excellent way to explore shallow waters because it only takes a snorkel and a mask. Numerous excellent snorkelling sites are easily accessible from the beaches in and around Mijas.

There are several excellent chances for scuba diving for people with more expertise. There are several stores that provide the necessary equipment, instruction for all skill levels, and any extra advice. Note that prices vary significantly according to the scope of the required service.


Kayaking on the Mediterranean Sea

Kayaking in the Mediterranean Sea is a must-do activity on your Costa del Sol vacation. Not only is this an excellent workout to counteract the delicious food and wine that will undoubtedly accompany your trip, but it's also an excellent opportunity to enjoy your surroundings - not to mention a social activity.

Rent a kayak for a few days and spend the mornings exploring the shoreline from the water - a very tranquil way to appreciate the sea.

As you can see, there are just so many water sport activities you can do on the Mediterranean Sea when you visit Mijas. In fact, a trip to the Costa del Sol wouldn't be complete without participating in a water activity in the warm Mediterranean Sea.

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