12 Famous Roads in London to Stroll Down

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Much like any other global city, the famous roads in London put this city on the map as a place to visit and own property. Each street is renowned for specific reasons, including history, literature references, shopping, or dining, and collectively, they make London a tourist hotspot as people flock to discover what all the hype is about. Some roads also make it onto the list of desirable places to buy a property and live in London. Let us not forget the famous Monopoly board featuring London‘s best high street roads. So, let us look at which roads and streets deserve admiration and respect and why.

Famous Roads in London

1: Politics on Downing Street

This road is London’s and the UK’s most famous since number 10 is home to the prime minister. Although tourists cannot stroll up and knock on the door, the vibes when approaching are pretty hard to ignore. This road has housed the chancellor and prime minister for 300 years, which is quite significant to London. Look out for the resident Number 10 cat while there!

famous roads in london

2: Baker Street

Ah, the famous detective Sherlock Holmes lived at the fictional number 221B. Sherlock is the main reason for this road’s fame, and to honour this excellent book, many people drop by to visit the museum and café while in London. Over the years, Baker Street has turned more commercial than residential over the years, but this does not stem from the quaintness and literary references.

baker street

3: Doctors on Harley Street

In London, affluent people opt for private healthcare and head to Harley Street for personal care and attention. Known for medical care and cosmetic surgery, London doctors, who practise on Harley Street, have prestigious status in society. Named after the 18th-century Lord Mayor, the street belongs to one of London’s wealthiest neighbourhoods.

4: Piccadilly Street

This London Street dates to medieval times but is a popular tourist and shopping district these days. The street that featured in Oscar Wilde’s book, The Importance of Being Ernest, leads up to the Piccadilly circus. Luxury hotels like the Ritz and shops line either side, and tourists in London take their photos at the Eros statue.


5: Oxford Street in London

Head to the mile-long Oxford Street to splash the cash. Every day roughly 500,000 people walk up and down this busy street in London. The significant aspect is that while other streets feature just luxury or budget shops, Oxford features both. So, if you are in London around Christmas time, stroll down to see the famous Christmas lights.

6: Portobello Road

This 1.8-kilometre road in London earns fame for the market stalls that have been there since the 19th century. Running through the famous Notting Hill district, the Saturday market is a famous place to buy second-hand clothes and antiques. There are other market stalls on different days of the week, further to the north. However, Portobello Road market is London’s largest antique market.

7: Abbey Road and the Beatles

Some people might not get the famous reference for Abbey Road, but as soon as you remember the Beatles album cover of them walking across a zebra crossing, then you will. Despite offering nothing more, this street in London attracts thousands of tourists yearly who want to see that section. As a result, the crossing has a grade two listed status for its historical and cultural importance to London.

abbey road

8: Property on Bond Street

Elite social circles of London have flocked to Bond Street for over 300 years, and these days, the road is one of the most expensive places to buy property, not only in London but the UK and Europe. Separating into the old and new parts, this road features high-end luxury shopping like Dolce and Gabbana.

9: London Tailors on Saville Road

Ah, there is nothing like true gentlemen looking dapper in their Sunday best, and the most well-dressed men have tailors from Saville Road on speed dial. Bespoke tailoring earned worldwide fame, and certain tailor shops handed down the trade of tailoring through generations, giving them cultural and historical importance to London.

10: Fashion on Carnaby Street

Suppose fashion is your passion, head to Carnaby street in London. Although the name is famous, the reference is to the area and around 14 streets with boutique clothes shops selling one-off designs you won’t find anywhere else. In addition, there are some fantastic cafes to do lunch in style. Carnaby street sits just two minutes from Oxford and Piccadilly Circus, so make a day out of touring them all.


11: The Mall of London

Don’t assume this is about shopping. If you like the royal family, you probably saw the Mall on TV or in magazines. The red brick road leads up to Buckingham palace, giving the illusion of red carpets. The London marathon runs along this road. The road will be closed if you are in London around royal occasions.

the mall in london

12: Newspapers on Fleet Street

Although most newspapers left Fleet Street, it will continue to be known as London’s hub of newspaper publishing. The legacy is cemented since it has operated as such for 500 years. In addition, Fleet-street was famously the home of Sweeny Todd, the fictional killer barber.

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