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If you are looking for reasons to retire in Alicante, get ready for an avalanche. This expat destination is a great place to live. To be clear, we are talking about the province and not just the big city. Do not just take our word, though, that it is an ideal haven to relocate to. The proof is in high numbers of retirees already living there. There are hundreds of thousands living in appealing towns and villages. Foreigners of all nationalities from all over the globe.

The province that belongs to the larger Valencia community offers everything traditional from tapas, to the Flamenco dance, to an afternoon siesta but also delivers modern and lively. Fronted by the Mediterranean coastline, as well as being one of the best places to retire, foreign tourists taking holidays in Spain also love it. So, since we think it is one of the best areas to live for successful ageing, what are our reasons?

Good Reasons to Retire in Alicante

1: Live on the Coast

Choosing a place to live in Alicante is not hard because this coastline destination offers gorgeous beaches stretching for miles. Life in Spain does not get any better when you wake up to a fantastic seaview, take a morning stroll along the promenade and then spend days in the Mediterranean, swimming and sunbathing. La Granadella beach in the Javea region has twice won awards for being Spain’s best beach. Likewise, over in Benidorm, Levante and Poniente are also award-winning stretches of sand. When you retire overseas to Alicante, you have doorstep access to Spain’s most beautiful beaches.


2: Warm-weather year-round

Relocating to Alicante isn’t hard if warm winters and summers full of sunshine make retirees happy. Sitting on the Eastern coast, Alicante can boast it is a top spot for the best weather in Spain. No wonder it is a tourist haven with roughly 320 days of sunshine a year. For many expats, moving abroad to a warmer climate than their home country betters their mental and physical health because of the new life outdoors.

3: Affordable-housing

Newcomers who plan to live in Alicante permanently should buy property because of affordability and excellent home prices. Moving to Alicante means tapping into an ever-revolving market and modern housing with so much choice. Whether you want a bargain two-bedroom apartment or luxury villa within walkable distance of all amenities, Alicante presents some of the best property in Spain. Find out for yourself why Alicante is a comfortable place to live by browsing our property portfolio. Each listing includes price, location, home features and contact details to find out more or arrange a viewing. We think retirees will be pleasantly surprised with the average home price. Read: Is buying property in Spain a good investment?

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4: Things to Do

When deciding where to live, retirees have a large amount of free time, which means pursuing life passions. Alicante is a great retirement location with a vast range of things to do. Escape for a weekend skiing by driving four hours to the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. Choose from numerous golf courses to swing your club. Visit museums, art galleries and quaint traditional villages. Join the expat groups for seniors with a focus on making friends with like-minded hobbies. Or enjoy the diverse nightlife scene and laze around the pool during the day. For every foreigner, Alicante ensures boredom is kept at bay.

5: Beautiful Places to Live

When retirees move to Alicante, there are many areas to live in, sometimes making a choice overwhelming. Neighbourhoods vary from the small town to the typical suburban. Where you live makes a big difference as to whether your move will be successful, so take time with this choice. Popular desired areas for a retiree, include Rojales, Torrevieja, Javea, Benidorm and Calpe. Within these destinations, expats find many of the best retirement communities. They are all excellent places to live, offering the best of life in Alicante.

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6: Gastronomy Delights

International living means tapping into global cuisine. Of course, expats can buy groceries and replicate any dish in the kitchen, but we recommend getting to know Alicante’s dining scene. After all, when you live in a country, you must know all about their national cuisine, but Alicante delivers up much more than Catalonia delights. Think Michelin Starr restaurants, delicious street food, kebab, and steak houses, as well as pasta, Chinese and Indian. The globe is on your doorstep during this time in Spain, so make the most of it.

7: Great Transport Network

For anyone retiring abroad, one aspect is air travel. The ability to fly back to our home country is of utmost importance. Alicante airport is Spain’s fifth largest air travel hub, with many flights every day to places across the globe. In addition, Alicante has invested thousands into road infrastructure and the transport network, so anyone worried about driving in Spain does not need to because expats have an impressive transport network to tap into.

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