The Barbados Visa 12-Month Welcome Stamp Scheme

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Last month, in the world of remote working, people sat up and took notice of the launch of the Barbados visa 12-month scheme. Known as the welcome stamp, the country is taking advantage of the new trend of working from home, and this is one of the few overseas visas that stands out. Indeed, instead of staring at four walls, you could be sunning it up on a Caribbean beach, as a long-term tourist.

For quite a few years, the concept of remote working has taken off, with many people calling themselves digital nomads. With Barbados heavily relying on tourism and travel as stable sources, this is a win, win situation for both them and digital nomads.  The prime minister says “COVID 19 has changed work globally, with a larger number working remotely from home. Now we give certainty for the next 12 months that you can work from here.

Rather than coming for the usual week, or three weeks or a month, why not plan out your business? We have a mechanism that allows people who want to take advantage of being in a different part of the world, of sun, sea and sand, and stable society; one that functions well. Barbados is a perfect place to come.” So, if the launch, with the tagline “work from paradise” has your attention, what do you need to know?

About the Barbados Visa 12-month

Regarding the COVID virus, the Island receives high praise for how it handles the crisis. Tracking protocols have minimised the impact. In the meantime, Barbados kept its eyes on the rest of the world, and realised working from home, is now the new norm. Also known as location-independent working, Barbados says safety measures to minimise COVID are top-notch, and remote workers are assured of an environment where their health and safety is a priority.

Internet, Accommodation, and Schooling

The Island promises to provide remote workers with everything they need including what they say is the Caribbean’s fastest fibre internet and mobile services. Their multi-tier accommodation industry offers a wide choice of rentals from beachfront condos to studio apartments.

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Alternatively, if you want an extended stay or an investment, there are some gorgeous apartments and villas for sale. They also offer good healthcare and say applicants with families have a wide range of private schools to choose from. Add to this, the white sand beaches and the gorgeous weather, and it turns out to be an ideal destination to take a year out.

The 12-month Welcome Visa Application

To encourage applicants, there is a secure online application process, that they will start processing within 48 hours and give confirmation or denial within five working days. For a one-year visa, the fee is $2000 for a solo worker and $3000 if their families come with them. At the end of a year, applicants reapply and here is the best thing. Successful applicants don’t have to pay tax in Barbados on earnings. Applicants cannot work for an Island-based employer, and all profits must come from overseas. The application requires…

  • Two Passport sized photographs
  • Passport page showing biodata
  • Birth certificates for the applicants and accompanying family.
  • Proof of relationships for accompanying family.
  • A completed C5 application form

Barbados 12 month visa

When officially entering the country, get the visa stamp and also appropriate health coverage. When filling in the application form, also tick the box confirming an annual income of least $50,000 and that you have the means to support yourself and your dependents. See the official website here –

More about Barbados

This eastern Caribbean Island earns admiration from the rest of the world for its stunning scenery. We are talking crystal clear seas, white beaches and an abundance of lush greenery, that not many other countries can match. Development of its housing market started in 2006, and this garnered the attention of second home and holiday house owners from all over the world.

Bridgetown, the capital, wows all with its colonial-style architecture, and abundance of cultural and historical sites to visit. Otherwise for leisure and pleasure, indulge until your heart’s content with golf and of course, the time-honoured tradition of cricket. Naturally, given it is an island, water sports are popular, and the ideal year-round climate makes it an excellent scuba diving destination.

The Island is just 21 miles long and 14 metres wide, so explore over a year at your own pace, although the west coast is the most picturesque. For food, expect the culinary adventure of a lifetime with restaurants serving a variety of cuisines including Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and West African influences. If money is no object, dine in five-star restaurants and upmarket cocktail bars. We have to say if you fit the criteria, the Barbados Visa 12-month scheme is the opportunity of a lifetime.

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