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Homebuyers who want to enter the overseas real estate market should look at Spot Blue, the best property website for those who want to make a profitable real estate investment. As a real estate agent, we deal with buyers and sellers to present homes for sale worldwide. Having traded for many years in local real estate, we take our niche even further. Rather than listing everything and anything for sale, our home search policy only represents property listings that provide a clear benefit to the buyer. In the past, we have assisted three types of homebuyers.

The first embarks on a property search with a pure investment in mind. Focusing on capital appreciation, their overall net worth, they carefully assess a house’s valuation and compare it to market predictions. The second type of buyer looks at the local market because they want a find a home overseas to use for getaways. The third type of buyer is buying a house intending to relocate abroad permanently. By tailoring our new listings as to whether they fit the buyer profile, we have helped thousands of buyers find their dream home in next to no time. So, how do you start when using Spot Blue?

Guide to Using the Best Property Website

1: Reason for Buying Property

To find your new home, there are two things you need to do before even starting searches. The first is to define precisely what you want. Make a list of non-negotiable aspects like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Are you interested in waterfront homes or gated residential properties in the suburbs? Do you want to buy a new build, resale, or off-plan property? Make sure your list of criteria matches your reason for buying. For example, many investors choose off-plan properties simply because they sell under market value, adding to potential growth in value.

2: Get Your Finances in Order

For real estate abroad, you need to get used to two different currencies and daily exchange rates. For this reason, now is the time to get your finances in order. Know exactly how you will fund your purchase, what your budget is when looking at a home for sale, and factor in closing costs like solicitors, translators, stamp duty, deed taxes. If a home piques your interest, we provide all our buyers with a payment plan outlining what stages payment will be made and paying in extra costs since this varies from country to country.

3: Choosing the Best Location

Home-buying is as much about location as well as budget. Maybe you already know where you want to buy or are in the process of researching destinations. The main things to consider is what that town, village, or city has to offer. Are there good transport links, easy access to banks, doctors, and schools? For example, someone who is very friendly should look at new homes in a town with a bustling bar and restaurant scene. Investors should research local investment programs to gauge potential capital appreciation. As a real estate industry leader, we keep our fingers on the pulse locally and can advise further over the telephone on leading destinations. Otherwise, our area guides will also be of use.

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4: Search Real Estate on our Website

Our real estate listings cover many countries and are ideal to start your search for the perfect home. Each property listing includes photos, location, price, and key features to why that home stands out. Also included are contact details to find out more via telephone, email or to arrange a viewing. Alternatively, let us know your budget and key criteria, and we can send a portfolio of all properties for sale that perfectly match it. Find homes for sale here.

5:  Selling Process

Once you have found the next home that you want to buy, that is where we step in. Real estate sales have a different process from country to country, but our local offices guide you through the whole process step by step. How long it takes to receive your deeds will also vary. For example, in Turkey, depending on the type of property you want to buy, you take possession in as little as three weeks. When you sign up to use our real estate company, we will outline all process and keep you updated throughout the homeownership process.

Top Countries for Overseas Real Estate: When looking at residential real estate for sale abroad, certain countries outrank others in terms of value, buying process and predicted home value. Others are also more popular simply because they opened their market to foreign buyers decades ago. In this article, we look at the top five most popular countries for foreigners buying overseas.

About Us: We are Spot Blue, a real estate business that has operated since 2003. We take pride in our record of assisting thousands of buyers when they search for homes for sale in other countries. Our local knowledge of the overseas housing-market, also ensures each buyer is 100% satisfied with their purchase. Call us today and speak with an agent or use our real estate website to find out more. Also, follow us on Facebook or sign up for our monthly newsletter to stay updated with real estate news from the best property website.

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