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This former fishing village on the south-western coast of Turkey has developed into a major tourist resort, attracting more than a million visitors each summer. Its dramatic transformation has seen it become one of the most ‘hip’ resorts in the country, where a relaxed Mediterranean atmosphere and historic architecture are complemented by a modern twist, making it an ideal destination for any age group.

Head down to the medieval castle that guards the entrance to Bodrum’s dazzling blue bay, where the Aegean and Mediterranean Seas meet, and you will be left with little doubt why Homer once described the town as "the land of the eternal blue". Fast-forward almost 3000 years and you will discover a town that is as famous for its nightlife, as it is for its azure waters and sandy beaches. Late night revellers have their pick of venues to dance the night away in, from huge open-air beach clubs to intimate terrace bars overlooking the marina.

While other party resorts in the Med sometimes fail to flick the off switch, the secret to Bodrum’s success is its ability to offer little corners of serenity, even in the height of summer. Stroll around the white-plastered backstreets, where you will find flower-filled cafes serving traditional fare, or immerse yourself in the local history by taking a trip to the ancient ruins and surrounding centuries-old fishing villages.

Thankfully building development has been kind to Bodrum down the years. A concerted effort has been made by the local authorities to preserve its Aegean character, by restricting buildings' heights and protecting the traditional whitewashed houses with their bright-blue trim. The town still remains the picture postcard setting seen in brochures and online as a result. The construction of a new international terminal at Milas- Bodrum International Airport in 2012 has made the area even more accessible for overseas property buyers.

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