Bringing Luxury, Eco-Friendly Living to Antalya

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Antalya on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey has always been a centre of excellence. However, the latest real estate project to come out of the region puts it firmly in the prestigious circle of luxury eco-friendly places to live around the world.

Pushing the boundaries of innovation, the riverside development in the city centre consists of six bedroom, luxury villas, expressly designed for modern living, with sustainable architecture but at the same time, it maximises key landscape, and environmental attributes to ensure minimal disruption from urban planning.

In what is a ground-breaking achievement for the real estate industry of turkey_national_football_team”>Turkey, the project has also achieved BREEAM certification (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method.) The worldwide recognised system rates buildings on their environmental architecture, and with strict assessment criteria, it is a prestigious certification. This is only the second project in Turkey to receive this award.

Renewable Electricity Through Solar Energy

Solar energy is not a new concept to Turkey. For many decades, solar power panels have been prominent on the rooftops of apartment buildings. Yet they were ugly and blighted the general landscape view of a town. In later years, many people swapped to water boilers as a cheap alternative with less maintenance.

The eco-friendly luxury project in Antalya is reintroducing the concept of solar energy, yet they have seamlessly blended in the north-south facing panels within the architecture to promote a modern exterior worthy of praise. Exterior protection also involves the use of timber cladding, while at the same time, floor to ceiling windows make the most use of natural light and winds to cut down on electricity costs and usage.

Promoting the project as more than a home, but instead, an exclusive lifestyle, the architects and designers were also aware given the luxurious side of the project that many buyers would own one or more vehicles. They cleverly designed the three-floor villas to include underground parking, therefore keeping the landscape as green as possible.

Taking it One Step Further

Luxury property in Antalya

Although being environmentally friendly, is a great achievement in itself, the developers wanted to continue the theme with an emphasis on rejuvenation and revitalising. This is where the luxury facilities and modern interior appearances come into play.

Private swimming pools or the close distance to the beaches of Antalya promote the delights of Mediterranean seaside living, as does the on-site organic shop. The self-automated and smart technology within the home gives instant comfort and ease of use. On the ground floor, the steam, sauna and spa room is the perfect antidote after working out in the home gym. While the working professional can also gain peace and quiet away from the family, in the second-floor study.

Ranging in size from 515 to 970 square metres, the larger villas also uniquely feature master-dressing rooms as well as specially designed winter gardens for the months when daytime temperatures drop.

With an all-round emphasis on luxury living while being kind to the environment and your body, this ground breaking real estate project really has put Antalya on the top list of destinations in Turkey to receive international recognition. Find out more here.

Eco friendly property in Antalya

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