Why Buying Property for Sale in Belek is Underrated

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Property for Sale in Belek: Belek Main Strip

A small township in the Antalya region, Belek is a popular choice amongst tourists and visitors. If you’re looking at buying property in Turkey, this is a good option for stand-alone townhouses and villas. Property for sale in Belek might not come with the sort of famous historical ruins that you’ll find in Kusadasi or the Mediterranean appeal of Bodrum, but it’s certainly worth considering.

For any golfers that might be hunting for property in Turkey, Belek will probably already be a familiar name. The town has been featured in Golf Magazine, and it’s increasingly well known amongst golfers. Those who aren’t keen on the sport, by contrast, might well have overlooked it entirely.

Belek is most famous for its’ golfing, but there are some excellent beaches, hotel, and spa facilities that you’ll be able to use if you decide to look at property for sale in Belek. As with many towns along the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, the town is home to some historic sights. This means that even for those buyers more interested in historic ruins than golf courses, this town has some appeal.

So, why should you choose to look at property for sale in Belek?

Luxury Property for Sale in Belek

Unlike many Turkish towns and cities, Belek has a large selection of luxury townhouses and villas complete with a private pool. This means that if you’ve got the budget for a stand-alone villa, your selection of properties for sale in Belek is broader than it might be elsewhere.

Belek’s selection of modern detached and semi-detached villas, and townhouses offer a private getaway that will help you unwind during the summer months. While the town of Belek does get quiet during the winter months, and might not be your cup of tea for year-round habitation, it’s close enough to Antalya not to be totally isolated.

The combination of quality property and location make this an excellent choice if you’re hoping to buy property in Turkey.

An Easy to Reach Airport

The town is only half an hour from the airport at Antalya, which means buying property for sale in Belek makes it easy to come for a long weekend. A number of airlines, including EasyJet and Jet2, fly into Antalya during the summer season. As is the case with the liveliness of Belek town, the number of direct flights does decrease in the off-season.

With the city of Antalya so close, it’s easy for buyers interested in the property for sale in Belek to visit a few different towns during the same trip. This makes property hunting a smoother and more streamlined experience. As Antalya is the second most popular tourist region in Turkey, there are a few very desirable and popular towns nearby that you may also be considering in your property hunt.

Property for Sale in Belek: Belek Golfing

A Golfing Destination

As Belek is a hugely popular golfing spot, with an enormous seventeen different courses nearby, it tends to draw more than a few tourists every year. That means that if you’re looking to buy a property for sale in Belek, you have the advantage of a fairly reliable rental income on the table. The resort is also home to a few Blue Flag beaches, and due to the quick, convenient transfer, it’s always popular.

Several of the golf courses in the area were designed by professional players, and are up to a championship level. That means this is a destination that’s almost unparalleled for keen golfers. The area sees as many golfing tourists per annum as the Algarve in Portugal, and it has previously been named ‘Europe’s Best Golf Destination’. It’s a draw that not many other coastal Turkish resorts can boast, and it makes for a very stable rental market.

Historic Sites Nearby

While Belek itself is a fairly modern resort, the Antalya Region is filled with historic ruins and well preserved archaeological sites. It sits on the Mediterranean, and as such is home to many Ancient Greek, Roman, and Ottoman monuments that a keen historian will be able to tour out and see during long summers in the area.

Buying a property for sale in Belek gives you the best of both worlds. You are able to enjoy clean, sandy beaches, five-star golf courses and luxury hotels, and beautiful villas, while also having access to the Antalya Region’s ruins and monuments. This includes the amphitheatre at Aspendos, which is home to annual opera and ballet performances to this day.

Belek has excellent transport links to many of these sites, and if you love golfing and Ancient history, there aren’t many places that blend the two like this.

Wherever you’re looking at buying property in Turkey, whether you’re interested in the property for sale in Belek, Fethiye, Bodrum or Istanbul, take a look at our Turkish properties. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. Happy hunting!

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