Famous Faces in Bodrum: Why Celebrities Flock to Turkey’s Luxury Peninsula

When it comes to spotting famous faces in Bodrum, the peninsula’s long-established record of courting the rich and talented goes back decades. Stretching back to as far as the 1930s, artisans flocked upon the word of Cevat Sakir Kabaagacli otherwise known as the fisherman of Halicarnassus and the man who bore fruit to its fame. […]

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Modern Iasos in Bodrum: A Turkish Retreat

Pick up any mainstream travel guide, and you will rarely read about Iasos in Turkey’s Bodrum region. Its international fame is low-key, yet, locals adore it as a unique destination away from the main town’s hustle and bustle. Also called Kiyikislacik, residents and holidaymakers alike enjoy a slow-paced lifestyle which is ideal for those looking […]

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Turgutreis Area Guide :Explore the Bodrum Peninsula

Any useful Turgutreis area guide must start by emphasising the town’s importance, not only on the Bodrum peninsula but also for Turkey’s holiday and foreign real estate markets. Even though in recent years, neighbouring Yalikavak has overshadowed it, it remains a popular summer destination for British holidaymakers. Many Brits have bought property there, and either […]

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Best Place to Live in Bodrum: Area Guides of Turkey

For anyone thinking of moving to Aegean Turkey, deciding on the best place to live in Bodrum is all about personal lifestyle choices. Comprising the main city centre and smaller coastal resorts, the area offers a diverse range of environments including luxury, modern, traditional, and low budget. Don’t underestimate what’s on offer. It is the […]

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About Bodrum: Three Fun Facts to Know

Any personal quest to learn about Bodrum reveals quirky and interesting facts that make it more appealing than ever before. Unravelling complex layers of misunderstood beliefs gets to the spiritual essence that locals are proud of. It’s not an overstatement to say everyone falls in love with Bodrum. Turks adore the large peninsula offering a […]

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Yalikavak Guide : The Gem of Bodrum

Any good Yalikavak guide should start with paying homage to its transformation from a nonentity to Turkey’s star performer. Throughout history, locals relied on sponge diving and fishing for an income, but around the 1980s, mainstream package tourism appeared in Turkey. Yalikavak embraced it with open arms and enjoyed an alternative way of generating money. […]

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Why Property in Gumusluk Easily Attracts Buyers

During the first half of 2018, the Turkish real estate market showed mass improvement with an increase in foreign buyers, and one sector garnering immense interest of many nationalities is property in Gumusluk. Sitting on the western Bodrum peninsula, the small village lays off the beaten track and is often overshadowed by Yalikavak, and Turgutreis, […]

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6 Towns on the Bodrum Peninsula that Expats Love

Expats of all nationalities who seek a dream life in the sun often end up living in towns on the Bodrum peninsula of Turkey. The lure is not hard to explain, and anyone who has visited the region will testify about the laidback, cosmopolitan lifestyle that the Bodrum peninsula wholeheartedly indulges in. Many call it […]

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How the Yalikavak Property Market Became a Savvy Investment

Without a doubt, the Yalikavak property market has risen the ranks to become a star performer of Turkish real estate. Sitting on the Bodrum peninsula of Aegean Turkey, the transformation from small, rustic village to an exclusive destination for luxury homes may seem like it happened overnight, although, in reality, it took many years. These […]

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New London to Bodrum Flight with Turkish Airlines

To cope with the resurgence of interest in Turkey by British holidaymakers, Turkish Airlines has launched a new Gatwick to Bodrum route. The country, after suffering a downturn in tourism for the last three years has rebounded in 2018 to be in top demand. Holidaymakers are also finding themselves at an advantage thanks to the […]

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