Greek Tourism Industry going from Strength to Strength

A report by INSETE, Greece’s Companies Institute says the Greek tourism Industry during 2018 accounted for a staggering 21.6 billion euros in revenue amounting to 11.7% of the GDP. Proving to be a strong sector for the economy, foreign visitors generated 90% of the revenue. In 2018, just over 30 million foreigners descended on Greece […]

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Early economic and tourism indicators point to a bounce-back in Turkey

A buoyant property market combined with bullish economy, weak currency and rebounding tourism industry are creating attractive conditions for foreigners who invest in Turkey this year, said Spot Blue International Property in March. Here Spot Blue International Property outlines five key reasons the outlook is positive for homeowners and the housing market in Turkey in […]

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Turkey and Africa’s Fruitful Business Relations

While the Turkish economy performed exceptionally well in 2017, it seems Turkey is not about to sit back and relax. Looking to boost already fruitful political, economic, and military relations between Turkey and Africa, the President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has just toured the vast continent on a 5-day, 4-night trip. On this occasion, […]

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Turkey’s Medium Term Economic Program

In September 2017, Turkey’s Medium Term Economic Program for 2018 to 2020 was unveiled. Prepared every year by law, then approved by the cabinet, and released by the Ministry of Development, it is finally published in the Official Gazette of Turkey. The Medium Term Economic Program is a study of how the current economy is […]

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Turkish Economy Shows Biggest Growth in the G20

The latest figures released by Turk Stat, the Turkish Statistical Institute revealed that Turkey is the fastest growing G20 economy after it clocked up record figures for the third quarter of 2017. Beating China and India, from July to September, growth came in at 11.1%, the highest double-digit figure recorded since 2011. In an interview […]

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Turkey Set to Exceed 2017 Export Targets Amid Growth Revision

A statement by the president of the Turkish Exporters Assembly revealed that the Turkish government is optimistic it will surpass 2017 export targets. By November of 2017, exports were showing a 14% increase year on year, netting a total 142.4 billion dollars. The year-end goal is 156.5 billion. Crediting the massive surge to the automobile […]

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Turkey's Foreign Trade Statistics for First Half of 2017

A recent report published by the national news agency of Turkey, Anadolu has revealed foreign trade statistics for the first half of 2017. Using information, and data provided by the Turkish Statistical Institution (Turk Stat), the report also compared year on year figures of June 2016 and the same month in 2017. Exports from Turkey […]

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Turkish citizenship for foreign investors as IAC meeting hailed a success

Foreigners who have invested in Turkey and meet certain conditions could soon be eligible for Turkish citizenship. Under a new scheme announced by Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus in November, non-nationals who have made investments of a certain value in property and other fixed assets could become a Turkish citizen. According to Kurtulmus, government […]

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UK and USA reiterate valued trade partnerships with Turkey

Turkey’s status as a global investment destination received a boost this month, after the country was endorsed by both the UK and USA. The first seal of approval came when British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson used his first official visit to the country to underline the strong relationship between the UK and Turkey. During his […]

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Gulf States continue to drive Turkish market, while UK confirms long-term trade commitment

July’s failed coup appears to have done little to dampen long-term foreign interest in Turkey, after representatives from the Turkish Chambers of Commerce in the UK (TBCCI) expressed their on-going confidence in Turkey, while interest from Gulf nations continues to drive the Turkish property market. Chairman of TBCCI, Emma Edhem, commented that stability and order […]

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