Guide to Visiting Turkey in Winter

From May to October, airports, hotels, bars and restaurants around Turkey are in full flow as the official tourism season kicks into action. This is when travel agencies ramp up their marketing and adverts displaying the pleasures of summer living in the country. This isn’t to say though, that the winter months are dull and […]

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14 Things to Know Before Visiting Turkey

It seems like a lifetime since we naively set foot on Turkish soil for the first time. In those days, our only information source was Lonely Planet travel guidebooks, because the internet was in its infancy. Despite all its useful information, nothing could have prepared us for the momentous event, when we decided to move […]

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The Most Popular Coastal Holiday Resorts in Turkey

Turkey thrives as a tourist and expat destination, mainly because of the masses of coastal holiday resorts attracting beach lovers and expats seeking a life in the sun. Only a small area of the country is landlocked and the north, west and part of the south together have 5,000 miles of coastline. Many of the […]

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The Mediterranean Coast of Turkey Travel Guide

Forming the main bulk of the Turkish Riviera, the Mediterranean coast of Turkey is a delightful collection of small villages, quaint towns and cosmopolitan cities. Backed in parts of the scenic Taurus mountains, the sandy beaches stretching for miles, are some of the most beautiful in the whole country. Indeed, anyone choosing to holiday there, […]

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The Best Holiday Towns of Mediterranean Turkey

The Turkish Mediterranean Coast covers most of the southern side of the country. Starting from the bustling city resort of Marmaris and heading eastwards to the Antalya region, potential holidaymakers have a variety of destinations and places to choose from. The holiday towns of Mediterranean Turkey lure many nationalities including Brits, East Europeans, Middle Easterners […]

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Things to do in Mediterranean Turkey

Mediterranean Turkey, a large gathering of holiday resorts, cities and towns covers the southern Turquoise Coast of the country. Anyone choosing to holiday there will not be disappointed for many reasons. It has some of the best beaches, an ideal weather climate and a mass range of things to do, places to see and tourist […]

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The Turkish Food and Drink Starter Guide

We have many travel tips for first-time visitors to Turkey and the first is to delve into the cultural side of Turkish food and drink. The national cuisine of Turkey and its beverages never fails to amaze and delight with its intense diversity of flavours and ingredients. Vegetarians will be pleasantly surprised, and meat lovers […]

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Iztuzu Beach Turtles of Dalyan Start Their Nesting Season

The famous Iztuzu beach turtles of Dalyan have returned to one of their favourite nesting places in Mediterranean Turkey marking the beginning of the breeding season for 2017. Also known as the endangered Caretta Caretta or loggerheads turtles, the nearby hospital and sanctuary, DEKAMER kicked into action to aid their survivals by putting in place […]

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The Best Places to Visit in Aegean Turkey

The Aegean part of Turkey covers the western coastline and includes some inland areas. With an entirely different geographical landscape to its Mediterranean counterpart, it also differs in regional cuisine, traditions, weather climate and of course, the variety of places to visit. Attractions of Aegean Turkey are plentiful and not taking into account, the usual […]

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Balearic Islands blistering ahead in Spanish property sales

Hunger for a home in the Balearic Islands has rebounded to levels not seen since before the crisis, according to recent figures from Spain's National Statistics Institute. An encouraging 10,605 property sales took place in 2015, the highest level since 2008 and an increase of almost 15 per cent year-on-year. The same data showed an […]

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