Turkey Implementing $5 Billion Smart Grid Plan

Turkey is planning to spend $5 billion on smart power grids during the next three years in an effort to boost network efficiency, but this plan should also boost ties with the US. It's been predicted that closer cooperation will develop between the Turkish government and energy companies, and the companies in the US that […]

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Fears of a Property Bubble Forming in Turkey Are Unfounded

There have been quite few concerns that a property bubble could form in Turkey, leading to the kind of problems seen in Spain. However experts don't think this is very likely to happen due to a number of different factors. Recently Turkish banks have been reducing interest rates on home loans, and this is meant […]

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Natural Gas Reserves Found on Turkey's Black Sea Coast

It was recently announced that natural gas deposits have been found on Turkey's Black Sea coast. This is an extremely important development as it is one of Turkey's first natural gas reserves. The Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) was in charge of the drilling operation that discovered the key natural gas deposit at a depth of […]

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New Incentives Bring New Wave of FDI to Turkey

The latest round of investment incentives has paid off in Turkey, as according to reports another wave of major investment is headed for the strategically important emerging market. İlker Aycı, President of the Investment Support and Promotion Agency of Turkey (ISPAT) told a press conference that a big North American firm is planning to invest […]

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Fitch Ratings Says Turkey on Track for Soft Landing

Fitch Ratings has just published a report on the Turkish economy and says the country has made good progress in returning to a sustainable growth rate while reducing the rate of inflation and the current account deficit. However Fitch warns the Turkish economy is still vulnerable to the global financial environment due to its large […]

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Fitch Will Upgrade Turkey If...

Fresh hopes that Turkey will receive an upgrade are the news of today. But this time the hopes come straight from the horse's mouth as it were, and they are more goals than hopes. In a report issued this week, Fitch said that it will upgrade Turkey from BB to BBB- if it can reduce […]

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Turkish Incentive Package Attracts $3.2 Billion Investment in Six Weeks

Turkey launched its new incentive package designed to attract foreign and domestic investment into the country on June 19 and since that date has received 480 project proposals worth TL 5.5 billion or $3.2 billion. According to the economy minister, Zafer Caglayan, Turkey is expecting substantial investment from Europe, and the number of applications is […]

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Big-Hitting Asian Investment Fund to Bet Big on Turkey

Singapore based Temasek Holding, the 9th biggest investment fund in the world is examining Turkey’s different sectors for investment opportunities, according to daily Sabah. “We are looking for opportunities, we are going to come,” said Nagi Hamiye, who is in charge of Global Industrial Investments for the firm. He said they had formed a special […]

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EBRD to Open Ankara Office as it Increases Investment in Turkey

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development has paid another tribute to the investment potential of Turkey. The bank announced yesterday that it will open a new office in the Turkish capital Ankara. The EBRD has invested some 1.8 billion Euros into Turkish projects over the last three years since it began operating in the […]

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Turkey Again Named as Top Investment Choice in Europe

Marketwatch has just ran a story profiling Turkey and Poland as Europe's two investment beacons for the next few years; suggesting that investors get in now if they want to get in early. Of course, this is not a new position for Turkey, as the country has been named one of the world's top emerging […]

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