Istanbul Planners Press Ahead with 2020 Olympics Bid

Istanbul Planners Press Ahead with 2020 Olympics Bid

Planners in Istanbul are already pressing ahead with preparations for the 2020 Olympics, as the city is currently one of the final three choices for these games. This has prompted numerous questions into where the venues could be located, and how Istanbul's infrastructure will need overhauling to cope with the influx of visitor numbers. At […]

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Istanbul is a City Undergoing Transformation

Beyoglu is one of Istanbul's oldest districts and is a romantic glimpse into the past of this ancient city. However Istanbul is changing fast in order to deal with the economic expansion of the country, and although some people may be worried it's losing its identity, it is becoming a world class city. Its name […]

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Urban Renewal Programme Under Starter's Orders

Turkey is about to embark on a $100 billion urban renewal programme, which will reinforce or demolish buildings susceptible to earthquakes. It's due to begin in Istanbul in either April or May, and the transformation will encompass four major districts within the province. The bill for the project was recently passed by a Parliamentary subcommittee, […]

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A Week of Tourism Events and Controversy

This week was a week of big tourism events in Turkey, events which brought a new realisation on tourism income growth in Turkey. The Turkey Tourism Summit in the Istanbul Convention and Exhibition Centre ICEC made the headlines for a rather controversial reason. Hurriyet headline: "Minister blames statistics body for poor calculation" in a story […]

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New Istanbul Financial Centre aims to outclass London and New York

Istanbul, 9 February 2012 - The new Istanbul Financial Centre project in Atasehir on the Asian side of Istanbul is taking shape with construction underway. The Financial Centre has the full backing of the Turkish Government with many of Turkey’s governing bodies of rapidly growing financial sector being house in the Financial Centre. The Centre […]

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Istanbul Number One in European Property Investment

Since the downturn struck I could count the number of times the Guardian has covered Turkish property, in the mainstream sections anyway, but we have a cracker in today's. After winning for the last 2 years on the trot, Istanbul has once again be named the property  investment hotspot of Europe by PricewaterhouseCoopers, in its […]

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Istanbul Tourism up 16% in 2011

Istanbul is currently one of the hottest places for buy to let investment in the world. The population is huge and growing so rapidly in numbers and affluence, that developers simply can't build fast enough to meet the demand for quality property to buy and rent. But it is also said that Istanbul is an […]

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