Real estate in Antalya: Property Investment Guide

Real estate in Antalya wears a gold crown as a top hotspot for property buyers and investors. Sitting on the eastern Mediterranean coastline of Turkey, the province stretches from Alanya to Kas. Comprising a bustling city centre, and smaller coastal resorts, it always surprises newcomers, both foreigners and Turks alike, and offers the ideal opportunity […]

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How To Buy Property in Turkey

If you are researching how to buy property in Turkey as a foreigner, the good news is that it is straightforward, easy, and quick. Of course, as international property agents, all clients have our expertise, experience, and help at every step of the way, whether looking at apartments or villas for sale. Experts say buying […]

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Overseas Property Investors Guide: Invest in Real Estate

Many people look to being overseas property investors as a way of diversifying their real estate portfolio. And why not? Looking abroad means tapping into hundreds of new markets and much potential. However, this is not the time to be diving straight in at the deep end. Careful research and homework are needed to ensure […]

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Investing in Luxury International Real Estate: A Home Buyers Guide

The luxury international real estate market stands in a league of its own. Such is its diversity, from oceanfront mansions for sale to ranches to a prestigious condominium, anyone looking to invest should do research first. Whether it is a Mediterranean townhouse or a highlands cottage, this is not the time to make financial mistakes, […]

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International Property Marketing: How to Market and Attract Global Buyers

For builders and developers across the globe, international property marketing should now be a core concept of business. To connect with at least one estate-agent in another country is to boost your portfolio past defined borders and local vicinities to other cultures, and nationalities. The benefits are too much to ignore, because instead of marketing […]

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How to Invest in Overseas Property: Guide to Making Money

Beginners in the real estate market who want to invest in overseas property are on the right track. Many advantages include affordability and diversification, of which the latter is an essential strategy for building your net worth and investment portfolio. Some countries also present higher capital growth appreciation forecasts and rental yields. If you don’t […]

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Golden Visa Portugal: Invest for Residency

Out of all investment programs around the world, the Golden Visa Portugal scheme is one of the most popular. Launched in 2012, thousands of non-EU nationalities around the world have used it to gain visas and residency rights for themselves and their family. Stats released in 2018 shows the program’s soaring popularity, and this fame […]

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Buying International Real Estate: Guide to the Global Property Market

If you are thinking of investing in international real estate, this is a wise move to make. After all, any savvy investor has a broad portfolio of various types of property. Additionally, you might want a summer place in the sun, to retire and live abroad. And what a choice there is! Hundreds of countries […]

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6 Tips for Buying Property Overseas: Investing Abroad with Confidence

So, you are thinking of buying property overseas and naturally find yourself out of your depth. Regardless of which country you choose to buy in, it is a new real estate market that needs careful navigation. Additionally, there is the standard red tape to complete, and having heard some many horror stories; you want to […]

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Property for Sale in Turkey by Owners: Resale Market Guide

If you are looking at property for sale in Turkey by owners, research this market carefully before signing on the dotted line. Known as the resale niche, there are some fantastic villas and apartments for sale in many different areas, but likewise, home buyers should avoid other properties for good reasons. To receive a portfolio […]

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