Rents Have Almost Doubled in Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris

Rents Have Almost Doubled in Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris

I feel a bit hard-done-by sometimes. Before the crash practically anyone could pick a figure out of the air for a rental yield or potential capital appreciation for any part of the world and be taken at face value, but now, when I use my expertise and experience of the Turkish market to quote rental […]

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Turkey Publishes the Property A (Allowed to Buy) List – Are You On It?

As regular readers will know, the Turkish government recently announced that it had drawn up the list of countries that would be allowed to buy under the new reciprocity-free property law. It took a while for the list to become available to the public, but we have it now. As of August 6 nationals of […]

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Turkish Property Prices Continue to Grow in June

While much of the world's economies and property markets getting seeminly more volatile and risky by the day, Turkish property prices continue to grow at the same steady rate (about 10% year on year), making it a great choice for investors looking to dial down on risk. Turkish property prices grew 0.83% on the month […]

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Foreigners Purchase Record Amount of Property in Turkey in May

Many of you will remember our previous posts on the new Turkish property law removing the reciprocity requirement for foreign buyers. The last one we wrote was jubilantly titled The Law is Passed – More Foreigners Can Buy More Property in Turkey. In previous articles we have shared the consensus of predictions that the inclusion […]

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Erdogan Set to Make Good on New City Promise

The Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan promised as part of his Parliamentary campaign last year, to create a new city. The city is being planned for the northern coast of Istanbul, and is expected to help boost Istanbul's economy. Apparently the government has already begun work on the plan to build new city near […]

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Turkish Mortgages in Increasing Demand

With the Turkish property market still busy (and not too badly effected by the Euro crisis), investors are still interested in borrowing funds rather than just paying cash. The most popular loans tend to be either in Euros or Sterling, but as the local currency is still in Turkish Lira, independent Currency Exchange advice should […]

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Reciprocity Restrictions to be Removed in 2012, Boosting Foreign Sales

The Turkish government is expected to remove the reciprocity restrictions on its property market in 2012. The draft law is to be polished off by the Environment and Urbanisation ministry before being submitted to the national parliament later this month. The aim of the law would be to open up the Turkish property market to […]

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Turkey Property Boom Looks Set to Continue/Expand

The fact that the Turkish property market is booming this year is in little doubt, but there is increasing evidence that even with its rapid growth of late, that it could still be accelerating further. According to the latest data from the Turkish real estate investing partners association in conjunction with, Turkish property prices […]

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Turkish Government Commits to Increasing Foreign Sales

Many reports have indicated strong growth in sales of Turkish property to foreigners, not least a report by the Association of Real Estate Investing Partners GYODER, which recorded a 40% growth last year compared to the year before. Never the less, the government seems increasingly committed to making sure the growth continues. The latest move […]

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