Tourism in Antalya Boosted by Turkish Airlines

Tourism in Antalya Boosted by Turkish Airlines

It is not as if it needs it, but tourism in Antalya is receiving a welcome boost after Turkish Airlines increased its flight schedule from 41 destinations including London. The major hub, Turkey’s second most popular tourist destination now connects to 13 countries through Turkish Airlines flights, but they are not prepared to rest on […]

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Turkish Tourism Industry Hosted 39.5 Million Foreigners in 2018

The Turkish tourism industry hosted 39.5 million foreign tourists in 2018 and 6.62 million Turks living abroad, marking its most successful year to date. The numbers released by Turk Stat, the country official statistics portal showed an increase year-on-year of 21.45% from January to December. Although all months showed an increase in visitors, January and […]

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Greece, Spain and Turkey’s Tourism Industries Close the Year on a High

Official government stats from Greece, Turkey and Spain report 2018 as an excellent year for their tourism industries with either an increase in visitors and/or expenditure. The bounce back following previous years when the travel market across the globe slumped because of terrorism fears is fuelling optimism for 2019. Turkish Tourism Bounces Back One country […]

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Turkish Tourism: A New Campaign and Hopeful Predictions for 2019

With the Turkish tourism industry finishing 2018 on an all-time high, hopeful government officials say visitor stats and revenue will continue to rise in 2019. As 2018 draws to a close, statistics predict a yearly total of 40 million visitors, but the government is already rolling out new policies and promotional campaigns to ensure next […]

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Turkey’s Tourism Season Ends on a High

Turkey’s tourism season ended on a high after results revealed a 23% increase in visitors’ year-on-year for the first three quarters. With October marking the last month of the official tourism time period starting in May, confident government officials say they will break yearly figures proving the travel industry of Turkey has rebounded in style. […]

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Chinese Tourism in Turkey Reports Record Numbers

Anadolu News Agency is reporting record figures for Chinese tourism in Turkey. During the first half of 2018, 191,000 Chinese tourists came to Turkey, an increase year-on-year of 91%. The growth has been credited towards China’s promotion for the country in a targetted “2018 The Year of Turkish Tourism” campaign. Singer Xiao Zhang who penned […]

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Turkish Hotels Report 100% Occupancy for Kurban Bayram

Turkish hotels in main touristic areas of Turkey have warned holidaymakers without reservations, they will be disappointed because most hotels are running at 100% occupancy rates. Asking them to pre-book before they arrive, the request comes as Turkey enters the annual religious Kurban Bayram holiday. The official holiday runs from the 21st to the 24th […]

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Tourism in Antalya Boosted by Brits Getting Value for Money

While Turkey’s tourism industry has rebounded in 2018, domestic and foreign newspapers say Brits taking advantage of the all-time low Turkish lira, and low prices,  are boosting tourism in Antalya. Travel Agency and Airline Thomas Cook confirmed Antalya has now overtaken Palma De Mallorca as their most popular destination, with 57 flights a week. They […]

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Turkish Hotel Industry Enjoying Nearly Full Occupancy Rates

The Turkish hotel industry is reporting a successful first half to 2018, with occupancy rates nearly reaching full capacity for the height of the summer season. Both domestic and international visitors are contributing towards the bounce back following 3 years of low bookings amid security fears. International visitors have risen dramatically, with Brits and Russians […]

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Gobekli Tepe Added to UNESCO World Heritage Site List

Gobekli Tepe, an ancient temple of immense importance has joined the ranks of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Added on July the 1st, to much celebration of archaeologists, this takes the total amount of approved sites in Turkey to 18, while 77 are still on the tentative list. As well as receiving funds, one main benefit […]

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