Istanbul New Airport Celebrates First Anniversary

Istanbul New Airport Celebrates First Anniversary

Istanbul New Airport has celebrated its first anniversary, the official opening by the Turkish president, and a year of success despite delayed timing. Initially set for a full transfer of operations in October 2018, the swap over of international flights from Istanbul Ataturk did not happen until April 2019. The setback turned out to be […]

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Two Islands in Turkey Now For Sale: Will They Attract Buyers?

Anyone with an unlimited cash supply might be interested to know that two islands in Turkey are now up for sale. Turkish newspapers report that new online ads show one island sits off the southwestern Mugla coastline while the other lies near the western Balikesir region. Both coastlines are part of the famed Turkish riviera, […]

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Should You Move to Turkey? Guide to Planning this Lifestyle Change

Considering this country’s high profile, it is no surprise that many people wonder if they can and should move to Turkey. In the international market, Turkey has never been as famous as it is now. Tourism is at an all-time high, and house sale to foreigners, attracted by low prices and citizenship incentives, are breaking […]

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Where to Retire in Turkey : Popular Places for Expats

For potential expats, deciding where to retire in Turkey is a decision dedicated by lifestyle preferences and mostly budget. Each place offers something unique, and across the country, living costs vary from Istanbul, the most expensive place to live to cheap and cheerful Aegean resorts. However, knowing current trends will also help you make a […]

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Buying an Apartment in Turkey: Advice and Guide

If you are thinking of buying an apartment in Turkey, welcome to one of the world’s hottest real estate markets. Since 2018, Turkey has welcomed thousands of foreigners eager to get their foot on the Turkish housing ladder. Investing in areas like Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum, Bursa, Kusadasi and Fethiye, foreign property buyers are at an […]

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Buying Property in Turkey: A Real Estate Investment Guide

When considering real estate investment markets throughout the world, buying property in Turkey is a choice many nationalities are making. Foreign house sales are at an all-time high in prominent areas like Istanbul and Antalya. This isn’t just marketing hype because we see the proof in the country’s official statistics. While domestic sales slowed down […]

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Most Popular Turkish Cities as Ranked by Mastercard

The most popular Turkish cities in 2018 have been revealed as Mastercard released their annual Global Destinations City Index. Istanbul ranked the 8th most visited city in the world, followed by Mediterranean Antalya at number 10. Since first beginning the index in 2009, over the last nine years, international overnight visitors grew a staggering 76% […]

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Is Turkish Property a Good Investment?

For overseas buyers, making a good property investment often puts Turkey into the limelight. Turkish home sales to foreigners are at an all-time high as nationalities from around the world snap up apartments and villas in many areas. This isn’t a newfound trend either because foreigners have been buying homes in Turkey ever since the […]

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Medical Tourism in Turkey is Breaking all Records

Competitive prices, innovative technology and well-trained professionals have put medical tourism in Turkey on the map, and in the process, generated billions of dollars towards the economy. But industry professionals are not content to rest citing there is still much potential, and many more people around the world are still unaware of Turkey’s world-class health […]

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Golf in Turkey Annually Brings in 135 Million Euros Towards the Economy

To golf in Turkey is to spend your time on world championship courses. The days when Portugal and Spain led the way in golfing tourism that satisfied every player are long gone, as Turkey’s reputation continues to grow. Proof of its roaring success is seen in recent stats that say Turkey’s golfing industry contributes 135 […]

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