Why Buying Property for Sale in Belek is Underrated

A small township in the Antalya region, Belek is a popular choice amongst tourists and visitors. If you’re looking at buying property in Turkey, this is a good option for stand-alone townhouses and villas. Property for sale in Belek might not come with the sort of famous historical ruins that you’ll find in Kusadasi or […]

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18 Famous Things in Turkey

To list all the famous things in Turkey would take a complete book. Including history, food, science, production, exports, traditions, and culture, together they display an incredibly diverse country that deserves more praise and recognition. Of course, the best way to get to know Turkey is to visit for yourself. Tourists discover a nation that […]

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5 Reasons You Should be Buying Property in Istanbul

When it comes to global investment potential, there’s only one contender for the biggest fish in the Turkish property pond. For many investors, buying property in Istanbul is first on the agenda, for a whole range of reasons from capital growth to mega projects in the offing. Istanbul has always been a city at the […]

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How To Get A Turkey Residence Permit Post Brexit

Turkey is a country full of history, culture, and natural beauty. With its affordability and warm weather, it’s a popular place for British people living abroad. But as Turkey is out of the EU, there are some extra rules and information British people need to know before moving and living in Turkey. So here is […]

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What are the Rules for Buying Property in Turkey as a Foreigner?

When you’re looking at buying property overseas, there’s a lot you need to bear in mind. The rules and regulations for buying property are different in each country, and it can be tricky to get your hands on accurate information. If you’re looking at buying property in Turkey, you’ll need to know what you’re getting […]

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How Much is Property in Turkey? House Prices of Apartments and Villas for Sale

For a more precise answer to how much is property in Turkey, potential homebuyers should narrow it down to a specific region. Like many other real estate markets, the purchase price varies from villages to towns to cities. Considering Turkey is the 37th largest country, any home buyer has many destinations to choose from. Many […]

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The Best Istanbul Neighbourhoods for Expats to Live in

Any working expat or retirees relocating to Turkey have plenty of destinations to choose from, including Istanbul neighbourhoods with large expat communities. When looking for a place to live, the city tops the list for many foreigners who want a vibrant urban landscape. Whether renting or buying property, living abroad in Istanbul is an exciting […]

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Moving to Turkey : Guide for Foreigners Relocating Overseas

If you dream of a new home and life abroad, consider moving to Turkey. Many expats of foreign nationalities have already left their home country to live overseas in Turkish style. We understand moving overseas is not an easy lifestyle decision. The stress of adapting to an unknown country of abode throws out various challenges […]

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Real estate in Antalya: Property Investment Guide

Real estate in Antalya wears a gold crown as a top hotspot for property buyers and investors. Sitting on the eastern Mediterranean coastline of Turkey, the province stretches from Alanya to Kas. Comprising a bustling city centre, and smaller coastal resorts, it always surprises newcomers, both foreigners and Turks alike, and offers the ideal opportunity […]

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Property Investment in Turkey: A House Buyer’s Guide

Around the world, home buyers are looking at overseas property investment in Turkey. A wide range of apartments, penthouses, and villas for sale across the country are tempting Brits, Germans, Russians, Asian and Middle-Eastern nationalities to invest in the country. This is not a newfound fad either, because, in 2018, foreigners buying property hit record […]

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