The Best Property Investment Areas In The UK 2021

With Brexit and COVID lockdowns, the property market in the UK was expected to take a downturn in the property market. But 2021 has seen the UK property market boom for both residential and commercial buildings. So where are the best property investment areas in the UK in 2021? Where Is The Best Property Investment […]

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Property Investment in Manchester: Why the City Leads the Real Estate Market

For both domestic and international real estate buffs, property investment in Manchester is the latest buzzword. Once leading behind popularity trails and beaten by London, now, the centre and outskirt boroughs look set to overtake the capital as the UK’s leading destination for business, residential properties, rents, economy, and education. Whether you want invest in […]

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Student Property Investment in Cardiff –Buy-to-let Accommodation Guide

If you are looking at student property investment in Cardiff, the key to making this type of real estate endeavour work for you is to do your homework. There is certainly a lucrative market there. Research surveys say students make up 20% of the population in Cardiff, averaging 65,000 people. They attend universities like Cardiff, […]

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UK Holiday Homes for Sale: Our Pick of the Best on the Market

If you are looking at UK holiday homes for sale, we have an excellent selection that highlights the best of the UK market. From lakeside cottages to rental income summer holiday lets, our pick of the week comes from three destinations; Cornwall, the Isle of Wight and Filey. All three are prime holiday spots in […]

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Should you Buy a Furnished Holiday Let?

These days, many proprietors opt to buy a furnished holiday let over a traditional buy to let. The trend started when the UK government heavily taxed the latter, so proprietors began moving into the tourism sector to maximise their profit. It was an excellent move to make. After all, what is better than a owning […]

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Buy to Let Alternatives for Investment? – The UK Holiday Homes Trend

All around the UK, landlords are looking at buy to let alternatives. The time-honoured favoured investment that has enjoyed decades of popularity has lost its golden boy status, as landlords ditch properties in search of other money-making avenues. The downtrend is making headlines news. An example in a recent report by the Telegraph newspaper cited […]

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Where to Buy a UK Holiday Home and More Property Investment Tips

It is official. Many people are looking to buy a UK holiday home, including your time-honoured landlords who are turning away from the traditional rental investment property market. Whether you want a cottage for personal use or to enter the buy to let market, you are joining a growing group of home buyers who are […]

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Eight reasons 2020 is the year to buy a UK furnished holiday let!

Increasing numbers of Britons are turning their backs on airport queues and today’s poor exchange rate, and instead choosing to take their holidays in the UK, which is also benefiting from rising numbers of foreign tourists. Spot Blue International Property outlines its top eight reasons why 2020 could be an ideal year to invest in […]

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Why the Isle of Wight lets you relax making footprints in the sand and reduce your carbon footprint

Campaigns by the Isle of Wight to attract more visitors from a wider demographic, raise awareness of its beaches and natural scenery, and embrace cleaner modes of transport across the Island are adding to its appeal as an exciting holiday home destination in 2020, said Spot Blue International Property in January. The Isle of Wight […]

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Your Ultimate Guide to UK Staycation Holiday Homes and the Property Market

There is no doubt about it. UK staycation holiday homes are dominating the tourism and real estate industries. As Brits change their habits and start holidaying at home, rather than abroad, they are also turning their attention towards property investment. For trends, buy-to-let’s are out. For owning a second home, investing in the UK market, […]

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