Erdogan Set to Make Good on New City Promise

The Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan promised as part of his Parliamentary campaign last year, to create a new city. The city is being planned for the northern coast of Istanbul, and is expected to help boost Istanbul‘s economy.

Apparently the government has already begun work on the plan to build new city near the Black Sea in northern Istanbul. The city is being named Yenisehir which means new city, and is expected to house around 1 million people. It’s being planned by a team of experts including Sidney Rasekh, who is a consultant and manager in Urban Green Global in the US.

So far the planning and study has taken five months, and the city is to be built on a plot of 40,000 acres. The aim is for it to be an ecological city which is fully sustainable. The project is being seen as the most ambitious ever attempted by Turkey, and if it is successful will be an indication as to the strength of the Turkish economy. Part of the project is to build one of the world’s largest new airports, as well as a new port, two universities, and an Olympic village.

Istanbul, alongside Madrid and Tokyo, has been shortlisted to host the 2020 summer Olympic Games. The Olympic Village is to be built on 700 acres of land“>land, and will include accommodation for 25,000 athletes, a media area, and sports centres. The idea is that after the Olympics the site will be used for sporting events, and by the universities and general public. The city will have an emphasis on technology, but arable land surrounding the city will remain untouched, and will be able to provide 20% of food requirements.