Why Expats in Antalya Chose the Region for Their New Life

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Expats in Antalya make up one of the largest groups of foreign nationalities living in Turkey. After Istanbul, the province is the second most popular destination for foreign property purchases. It also records high numbers of approved residency permits, beating other expat provinces like Mugla and Aydin.

Indeed, thousands of expats have left their home countries and now live in the region all year round, but more importantly, it also appeals to various nationalities. If we look at Altinkum on the Aegean coast, the British population lends weight to its nickname of “Little Britain, “but Antalya is your typical cosmopolitan destination attracting Russians, Europeans, Middle-Eastern, Asian and British buyers.

It is easy to understand why when we look at the diversity on offer.

Expats in Antalya: Where Do They Live?

When the government collects statistics, they don’t just include figures for the main city centre but gather data from the larger province, composed of 19 districts covering 500 kilometres on the southern, western coast.

Each of those districts offers something unique. Therefore, anyone can find a place suiting their lifestyle preferences rather than having to adapt.

Meditternean Turkey

For example, golfers like Belek’s world championship courses while the all-encompassing hub of Alanya offers low property prices. The city centre offers everything and anything while the quaint resort of Side is ideal for a low key, quiet life.

Meanwhile, Kalkan features high-end villas ranging from 250,000 pounds to millionaire, seaside mansions. The diversity of places ensures everyone will find a town, coastal resort or village that makes them feel right at home.

An Ideal Year-Round Climate

A saying in Turkey says you can experience all four seasons at once, and this refers to its seven individual climate zones ranging from the west to the east. Sitting on the southern coast, Antalya’s climate zone has distinct advantages over places like Istanbul, the Black Sea and Aegean region.

The CSA Koppen classification of a hot Mediterranean climate means higher winter temperatures and lower rainfall density. People who love the great outdoors and hate cold weather benefit from this advantage.

Budget and, Luxury Living Across the Region

Another example of diversity shines through in the cost of living. People on a budget stick to it by using budget shops, lokantas for eating out, low-cost supermarkets and the local public transport. Meanwhile, if you have the cash to splash, the choice is endless.

Antalya, like Bodrum and Istanbul, is an all-rounder, while smaller resorts like Altinkum and Oludeniz rarely offer the high-end luxury lifestyle. Antalya’s upper scale lifestyle shines through in five star plus hotels like the Marden palace, and international brand name boutiques and luxury restaurants employing the best chefs from around the world.

Transport Options

As Turkey’s most prominent international coastal district, and holiday destination, transport links are essential, and Antalya delivers by offering an ultra-modern airport with year-round flights from countries around the globe. This gives it a distinct advantage over places like Bodrum, whose airport dials down during winter.

As well as air travel, some of Turkey’s biggest and best yacht marinas accommodate those coming in by sea. The central bus station sells tickets all year round to destinations all over Turkey, and the main D400 highway running from the east to the west and through the province makes it easy to get about using local transport or by driving. Antalya scores ten out of ten for transport methods, cost and frequency.

Turkey in General

These are the reasons why expats like the province but team them with reasons why foreigners like Turkey and you’ll understand why thousands of them chose the country for their new lifestyle.


1: Established Procedures and Expat Communities

Turkey’s expat population boomed about 15 years ago. At this time, the system was new, no-one in official positions knew what they were doing, and there was a distinct lack of guidance and advice.

The country learned from their mistakes, and set procedures are in place for anyone looking to gain residency permits, bring cars or pets in, work, start a business or complete any lifestyle endeavour. Thanks to the internet, expats swap advice, hints, and tips, so newcomers to Turkey avoid mistakes and settle in.

2: Simplified Buying Process and Real Estate Prices

Foreign property buyers are surprised at just how easy and quick it is. From viewing properties to signing for title deeds, the process can take as little as two weeks if everything is in place. Low prices compared to western countries also present an ideal real estate investment with much capital appreciation potential if you keep your home for a lengthy period.

3: Lifestyle and Value for Money

Two primary reasons why expats love Turkey are the lifestyle and cost of living. Household utility bills are a fraction compared to places like the UK, and expats on a pension make their money stretch further than ever before.

The laid-back day to day living combined with community vibes supply the feel-good factor and many expats buy in coastal resorts because living just ten minutes’ walk from the beach speaks volumes for your wellbeing.

Expats in Antalya: Resources and Guides

For easy reading, our general information about the Antalya province page lists the latest news, articles and advice., if you are yet to make a move, see our portfolio of real estate in Antalya, the city centre and smaller coastal resorts.

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