Foreigners Buying More Property in Turkey

The latest data from the Turkish Land Registry Director shows that some 123,,000 foreigners own 113,687 immovable properties in Turkey. The data shows that resort properties are still the most popular with foreigners, and they prefer established cities like Antalya, Mugla and Aydin ,as well as Istanbul and Bursa.

The properties span some 86.1 million square meters, mostly in Antalya City, which continues to be the most popular with foreigners. Some 32,057  properties in Antalya are now owned by 41.184 foreigners. That figure certainly sounds incredible, but it will come as hardly a surprise to those that know the Turkish market well.

Brits, Germans and Greeks remain the biggest owners of Turkish property. A total of 35,656 British citizens own 25,177 immovable properties, followed by 28,306 Germans with 37,233 immovable properties and 10,859 Greeks with 9,989 immovable properties.

In terms of capacity by nationality the figures are pretty similar to the last release of data in September, However, it does show growth. According to the September data Brits owned 24,848 properties in Turkey, compared to 25,177 in November. The overall number has also grown from 112,200 in September, to 113, 687 now.

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