Istanbul Ranks as Top Global Tourist Spot

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Istanbul has scored big once again in Mastercard’s Index of Global Destination Cities, securing itself the 6th spot among 132 cities ranked in terms of international visitor arrivals and spending.

The survey predicted that Istanbul would welcome 10.4 million international visitors this year, putting it in front of Dubai, Hong Kong, Barcelona, Milan, Roma, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Los Angeles.

The city’s tourist revenue is predicted to increase 5.5% from last year to a total of 8.6 billion USD. Among European cities, Istanbul claimed the 3rd spot with the highest growth rate in the Old Continent.

A major holiday destination in the Mediterranean region, turkey“>Turkey expects to welcome 33 million foreign visitors this year, aiming to enter the top 5 of global tourist hotspots.

Turkish tourism has risen continuously for years, even during the financial crisis that sent a shockwave through international tourism Turkish visitor numbers continued to grow, albeit at a smaller rate.

Istanbul continues to be vital to this growth, if in nothing more than the fact that it is home to Turkish airlines, the fastest growing airline in Europe, and the world, as well as two of its fastest growing airports. Soon to be 3 of course as the Turkish government just accepted tender on the third Istanbul airport set to be one of the world’s biggest.

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