Istanbul district sets example in modern-day living by offering free Wi-Fi

Surfing the internet and checking emails just got free and easy for residents or visitors in the Istanbul district of Kadikoy, after free Wi-Fi was launched in the streets there on September 30th.

The Mayor of Kadikoy decided to introduce high quality Wi-Fi hot spots after locals in his district expressed their need for the service. Kadikoy is an up and coming area on the Asian side of the Bosphorus. This new service highlights the types of services and infrastructure being integrated into Istanbul’s neighbourhoods, making owning property and living there even more appealing.

Accessing Wi-Fi in Kadikoy is easy and simply requires users to connect to the “Kadikoy Wifi” network, and enter their mobile number to gain a password that will allow them to connect fully.

The Bull Square in Kadikoy, also known as Altiyol, is a popular meeting point for locals and tourists and is one of the selected spot where the Wi-Fi will be available. The next step, said the Mayor, is now to expand the free Wi-Fi area to parks from the main streets, identifying Yoğurtçu Park and Göztepe Özgürlük Park as priorities.

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