Istanbul’s New Airport to Be Built on Old Coal Mines

It was recently announced during a parliamentary session on next year’s budget that Istanbul‘s new airport, which will be the city’s third, will be built in northern Istanbul. According to the transport minister, Binali Yildrm, it is to be constructed on top of old coal mines that will be filled in.

The exact location will be somewhere between the villages of Akpinar and Yenikoy which are near to the Black Sea on the outskirts of Istanbul Once it is completed, the new airport will be one of the largest in the world, as it will cover 90 million square metres. At the moment the mine shafts that require filling are up to 100 metres deep.

Once completed the new airport will have up to six runways and will be able to cope with one hundred million passengers in the short-term, although it is expected that this capacity will be gradually increased to reach one hundred and fifty million passengers.

At the moment the largest airport in the country is Ataturk international Airport, and this has the capacity to deal with 34 million passengers every year. The completion of the new airport will see Ataturk relegated to serving smaller operations.

Ataturk is currently the major hub of the nation’s airline, turkish_airlines”>Turkish Airlines, a company that has been growing aggressively during the past few years. During the first nine months of this year the airline increased its profits to 868 million Turkish lira. This is an increase of 665% compared to the same period last year.