It’s All Go in Gazipasa Airport

It’s all go in Gazipasa. For those who don’t know Gazipasa is a small Turkish town and the site of an airport, which was built in 2001 but has only opened and began accepting national and international flights in the last few years.

According to a spokesperson for TAV Holdings, the company which became the first to successfully open, run, expand and develop the airport, it serviced 82,000 international passengers in 2012 – 35% above expectations. The firm is expecting strong growth this year, with upper forecasts of 200,000 international passengers and 50,000 domestic expected to travel through the airport in 2013.

Thanks said the spokesperson to the continued refurbishment of the airport. Murat Sen of TAV said: “The airport is being refurbished and revamped, to grow by almost 25% . We are adding new space and new equipment (carrousel and security checkpoints etc) to speed up the thruput.”

According to Mr Sen the main international routes are focussed on Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Belgium. Unfortunately there are no UK flights yet, but the continued refurbishment and expansion of the airport continues to make UK flights more likely — as it is Brits will certainly find it ever-easier to find quick and cheap transfers to travel into Gazipasa.