James Bond Falls for Fethiye Filming Latest Movie

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As a resident of Fethiye it would have been hard to not notice the furor surrounding the new James Bond film.  Excitement built as it was confirmed that Skyfall would actually be filmed in Fethiye, or a few seconds of it anyway!  Two thousand of us attempted to become extras for the film in the hope to catch a glimpse of the man himself.  Others were just satisfied to know that the large marquees pegged at the end of Çalış beach housed our hero, stiffly guarded by an army of security!

In a press conference on Sunday held in Istanbul where other scenes have been filmed, Sam Mendes, the director of the film, said what a wonderful time they have had in Turkey and how magnificent Istanbul is with Daniel Craig singing the praises of Fethiye itself.

Of course this isn’t the first visit by Mr Bond as Skyfall is the third film to have scenes shot in Turkey.
So for us here in Fethiye, we wait with bated breath to see our hero jump from an historic bridge in Adana and emerge from the water in Çalış (it could only happen in the movies) and we hope to catch that eventful clip with our beloved Fethiye as the back drop there on the big screen.

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