Living in Fethiye: Why the Region is Turkey’s Expat Hub

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Ask anyone living in Fethiye, if they love living here and the answer will always be a resounding yes. Sitting on the western Mediterranean coast of Turkey, Fethiye attracts people from all over the world, who want to enjoy the ambience and lifestyle all year round. It is also of Turkey’s largest ex-pat hubs. Many people are actively involved in the community, whether this is social get-togethers, charity work, or video and blogs that show the world exactly why they moved here. If you want to make a move, we can assure you will not regret, but let’s look closer at why people pick the region for their home from home.

Living in Fethiye: Why Expats Like It

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1: Easy to Get Here

For most foreigners, having easy access to an airport is a top priority, and with Fethiye, Dalaman is just an hour drive away. Open all year round, and with frequent flights to many other countries, this award-winning air travel hub is a top touristic airport. The region also strategically sits on the D400 highway running from the east to the west of Turkey, hence getting active to surrounding resorts and other destinations is quick, whether via car or the cross-country bus system.

2: Landmarks of Natural Beauty

One top lure is it connects with Mother Nature powerfully, through many places of natural beauty. Excellent examples include Butterfly Valley, sitting in a large green canyon, and Saklikent Gorge with its fast-flowing river. Oludeniz beach is naturally protected by law hence building is forbidden, while the nearby Blue Lagoon is one of Turkey’s top photographed beaches. Heading further inland, the backing Taurus mountain range provides dramatic landscape scenery, and let is not forget the stunning blue Mediterranean Sea. If ever, there was one destination displaying the beauty of Turkey, it is Fethiye.

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3: Lifestyle and Ambiance

As soon as you set foot in Fethiye, the laid-back ambiance washes over you. This is partly, because it is a top tourist destination, but locals also believe in a life worth living. Whether you want to indulge in the finest foods, splash the cash by hiring a private yacht, or go rustic and back to nature in a secluded mountain retreat, pursuing feel good things is highly encouraged.

4: Low Cost of Property and Living

You might think given Fethiye’s high status profile, that property prices would be through the roof, yet the opposite is true. Fethiye attracts many foreigners because of affordable prices per square meter. Browse through our portfolio of apartments and villas for sale, and you also find that many are recent build developments, so buyers are also tapping into the modern housing market. Add the low cost of living, especially for household bills, and expats find by moving here, they make their money stretch further.

Where Do Expats Live in Fethiye

The Fethiye region covers a large amount of land both coastal and inland and foreigners live in many towns and villages covering it. However, certain areas prove more popular than others and for good reasons. Although Oludeniz is a high-profile area, buying a house there is hard to do, because of its small size and touristic status. So, people gravitate to other areas.

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City Centre: As the heart of the region, everything and anything happens in the city centre. From the central bus station connecting it to the rest of Turkey, to the shops, bars, and restaurants. Pasputar, the old part of town is the place to go for a bit of Mediterranean tradition; otherwise, the marina section hosts international yachts from all over the world.

Calis Beach: This compact town, originally built as an overspill from the city centre, now stands in all its glory thanks to the beautiful sunset scenes from beachfront restaurants. The promenade has also recently had a refit, and now Calis Beach wins admiration from everyone.

Hisaronu and Ovacik: These two small villages, built initially because Oludeniz could not cope with the high demand of tourist numbers, sits slightly inland but are just a five-minute drive to Oludeniz beach. With a typical British ambience, local bars and restaurants also make a roaring trade from tourism.

Uzumlu: This mountain retreat stays off the mainstream tourism grid because of its lack of a beach, yet is popular with many expats, who have bought enormous villas with private swimming pools and gardens. What you can expect if staying in Uzumlu is spectacular views and exclusive lifestyle.

If you are looking at living in Fethiye, and want to know which areas are property hotspots, our article of where to buy property will be of use. Discussing prominent neighbourhoods, and tips on making a wise investment, it is a useful starter guide. Otherwise, call us discuss buying real estate in Turkey or to arrange a viewing of homes in Fethiye.

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