Is Mijas a Good Place to Live? 7 Of the Best Reasons Expats Move There

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Sometimes, our clients ask us, is Mijas a good place to live? Without a doubt, we think it is one of the best places to live in Spain. Please don’t take our word for it either. For many decades, this popular holiday resort attracted masses of holidaying foreigners, but word spread and now significant expat communities live all over the region. Indeed, it is much more than a tourist haven.

Sitting in Southern Spain, it belongs to the larger Costa del sol region that includes other prominent destinations like Estepona, Torremolinos, Marbella, and Benalmadena. Yet Mijas has a certain charm that makes it stand out as one of Spain’s best resorts. For many, it extends past a family holiday home to be their dream place to live and for good reasons.

Why Mijas is a Good Place to Live

1: Sandy Beaches and a Stroll Along the Promenade

Naturally, given Mijas Costa’s long coastline, an inviting seaside ambience reigns supreme, and Mijas has some of Spain’s loveliest beaches. A beachfront lifestyle is what most retirees dream of, and Mijas Costa delivers 15 high-standard beaches, including three blue-flag. You can spend summer months lying on sunbeds around the swimming pool, but we wholeheartedly believe that to the beach for relaxation is the way to go. Beach bars offer up traditional fried fish and take care of refreshments, so enjoy summers and sunbathing on the beachfront.

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2: Gastronomy and Nightlife in Mijas

Of course, quaint bars and restaurants indulge in Andalusian and Spanish cuisine like fresh fish, tapas, paella, and sardines, but when it comes to food and eating out, Mijas is one big food playground. Whether you want English, Indian, or a good steak house, nobody goes hungry. When looking at the best places to retire, also decide what you want from the nightlife scene. Cosmopolitan cafes, pubs, bars, and restaurants, encourage everyone to chill out, meet with friends, enjoy the alfresco dining scene, or indulge in live music.

3: Choice of Property in the Best Places

Where we live makes a big difference. Whether you want a villa with terraces and sea-view, or a traditional Finca, or a whitewashed Spanish villa, you need a place to call home. This is where Mijas steps in by offering an ever-revolving property market with affordable prices. Consider a small gated urbanisation development with townhouses and villas, offering all the latest modern living, including a terrace, balcony, and spacious bathrooms and bedrooms. Alternatively, opt for an upmarket penthouse apartment with ultimate sea views to wake up to or a renovated, furnished traditional home. To see what the property market of Mijas offers, browse our portfolio and use the contact details to find out more about any home.

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4: Well Equipped Transport Network

Mijas is the best place to live in because local municipalities have invested a lot of money into their transport network. Of course, buy or hire a car, but expect impressive taxis, and a well-run bus service. With flights to many destinations, Malaga airport is 15 kilometres away, while Gibraltar is 81 kilometres, and Granada is 100. This means all-year-round accessibility to visit friends and family back home. The A7 motorway connects all districts, with a drive from east to west, and the short commute to Malaga is a 30-minute drive. Unfortunately, there is no train station, but plenty of other options means everyone gets around quickly. Also, remember many towns include neighbourhoods within walking distances to most amenities.

5: Golf Courses and Sailing

The Andalusia region has more than 60 golf courses, with roughly half on the Costa del Sol. This means golfing fans are in their elements. Choose a golf course for beginners or head to a large golf resort with some of the most challenging courses in the world. All have a golf club attached, and some offer private lessons through instructors. Combine all this to be in a golfer oasis. While some courses are 15 minutes’ drive away, others make for a fun day-trip out. If golf doesn’t interest you, head out from swimming pools to the riviera and a sailing trip. Head to Fuengirola marina, roughly a 15-minute drive away, and hire yachts to take to the sea in style.

6: Live in a Gorgeous Mediterranean-Climate

One main reason expats move to picturesque Mijas for international living is the copious amounts of sunshine. As one of Spain’s most popular holiday destinations, the larger Costa del Sol region boasts 300 days of glorious sunshine a year. This makes it a great place for an outdoor lifestyle that is good for our mind, body, and soul. Even mild winters attract tourists who seek to explore the numerous attractions and places of interest.

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7: Things to Do : Mijas and Further Afield

From exploring small towns to big cities, there is a mass of things to do. Whether this is visiting caves, ruins, the old town, fortress, and monuments, or going further afield to the famous Alhambra palace. For skiing during winter, the Sierra Nevada ski resort is two hours away, or take a day-trip excursion to Malaga to see famous places like the Picasso Museum and cathedral. The famous golden mile of Puerto Banus is a 30-minute drive, or spend the cash is a state-of-the-art shopping centre. Every day is as adventurous or as relaxing as you want.

Things to Know Before Moving to Spain

Thanks to the already existing expat community and locals of Mijas, people will find no problem settling in and making friends. There is an extensive network of information about what to do, where to go, to ensure you reside legally, and know all the basics about day-to-day living in Mijas. However, we strongly believe in research and preparation to ensure a smooth move. So, we’ve listed ten things to know before you move to Spain, so you tackle the setbacks and forge ahead in your new life with ease.

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