More on the Turkish Airlines Istanbul Global Mega Hub

We covered the rapid expansion of Turkish airlines, and of its Istanbul Ataturk airport base into a Global Mega Hub yesterday, and included some new routes added by the airline past and upcoming future, but as Anna Aero has also just covered a full feature on upcoming routes to be added by the airline, we thought it would be good to make this also available for our readers.

As we said yesterday, many of the world’s airports can’t cope with the larger MEB3 A330 planes, which makes Turkish Airlines, with its smaller Boeing 737s well placed to take over global Air travel, or certainly European air travel.

Looking forward, Turkish Airlines is planning new routes to Alicante and Seville, the 6th and 7th Spanish destination Turkish Airlines covers from its Istanbul base, as it already flies to Malaga, Barcelona, Bilbao, Madrid and Valencia. Iberia will not be happy to hear this, especially as it just dropped its Madrid-Istanbul route. Others will be surprised by the expansion, as the table revealed yesterday by Anna.Aero shows those 2 destinations have among the lowest load factors of the routes Turkish Airlines services.

Turkish Airlines is also planning to take on Transavia for Dutch traffic, when it adds its first service to a regional airport in the country with a new daily service to Rotterdam. Transavia is adding a 3 weekly service into Istanbul Sabiha Gocken in the summer.

Turkish Airlines also wants to capitalise on its single-aisle fleet capacity with a big expansion into Africa, including the capital of Chad, Ndjamena as well Juba, its first destination in Southern Sudan. Both points are well within the capabilities of Turkish Airlines’ single aisle fleets. These aircraft will probably also be used on its expected operations to Mazar-i-Sarif in Afghanistan (its second point in this country) Lankaran on the Caspian Sea coast in Azerbaijan, and Kathmandu in Nepal. However, the longer legs of some wide-body metal will be required for Kuala Lumpur when it launches.