New Turkish industrial complex project to start in 2013

Istanbul, 30 August 2012 – The new Filyos Valley industrial complex at Caycuma in the western Black Sea area is set to begin in 2013. The complex will consist of a port, industrial areas, including iron-steel foundries, shipbuilding facilities and cement plants, power plants and dams. Commenting on the project the Deputy to the Minister of Development, Mr Mehmet Ceylan, said “Filyos Project will play a vital role with its enormous scale and potential in helping to reach Turkey’s 2023 targets. We need more projects similar to Filyos in vision and scope” adding “The concept of industrial region is relatively new inTurkey. Special incentives may be put in place for investors depending on a Cabinet of Ministers Decree”. The project is set to employ between 10 to 15,000 people. Source: Invest in turkey“>Turkey