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Guide to Real Estate Investment in Turkey: Make Your Money Work for You

Buying property overseas is now the norm in housing ownership, and many buyers look to real estate investment in Turkey. Presenting itself as one of the most desirable places to own a place in the sun, thousands of people have purchased apartments and villas across the country. Some buy just to use it as a […]

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Living in Turkey: Pros, Cons and Things to Know

If you are thinking of living in Turkey, it is a wise decision. To find proof, look at thousands of expats living in small communities across the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, and enormous cities like Istanbul and Izmir. While some expats have completely sold up in their home country and plan to live here for […]

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Life in Turkey for Foreigners: A Snapshot Expat Guide to the Country

Everyone’s daily experiences are unique, so to stereotype life in Turkey for foreigners would be a mistake. A retired ex-pat sunning it up in the Mediterranean region of Antalya will have different day-to-day routines than a foreigner working at their career in Istanbul. Everyone lives in the country for various reasons, and naturally, the diversity […]

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UK Holiday Homes for Sale: Our Pick of the Best on the Market

If you are looking at UK holiday homes for sale, we have an excellent selection that highlights the best of the UK market. From lakeside cottages to rental income summer holiday lets, our pick of the week comes from three destinations; Cornwall, the Isle of Wight and Filey. All three are prime holiday spots in […]

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About the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Passport Scheme

In 2016, the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Scheme was born. The aim was to bring foreign currency into the country through business and real estate transactions, in return for the rights to live and work as a citizen of Turkey would do. It was not a recent concept because many countries offer the same for […]

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Should you Buy a Furnished Holiday Let?

These days, many proprietors opt to buy a furnished holiday let over a traditional buy to let. The trend started when the UK government heavily taxed the latter, so proprietors began moving into the tourism sector to maximise their profit. It was an excellent move to make. After all, what is better than a owning […]

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Looking for a Place in the Sun? Top Countries to Buy Overseas Property

So, you are looking for a place in the sun, to enjoy sandy beaches, alfresco dining, mild winters, and fun summer holidays. Owning a place overseas does bring a lot of benefits. Not only does your second home provide an excellent base for holidays but also the chance to immerse yourself into a new culture, […]

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Where to Buy Property in Istanbul

Knowing where to buy property in Istanbul is the key to making a wise investment. As Turkey’s leading city in terms of population, infrastructure, business, tourism, education, and health, it is expanding with recent trends and developments emerging all the time. Over the last ten years, expansion on the European side has boosted its real […]

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Districts of Kalkan and Where to Buy Property

Collectively, the districts of Kalkan form one sizeable town with an esteemed reputation for upscale living. Three reasons spring to mind why people buy property there. They included its premier status on the Turkish riviera and in the sailing world, and the excellence and professionalism of rooftop restaurants, during summer. Lastly, the real estate market […]

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Best International Real Estate Websites: Buy Property Abroad

One look at the best international real estate websites and everyone will realise that buying and owning a property is no longer a case of stay close to home. Investing in the overseas sector is a favourable endeavour for many investors who seek to boost their portfolio, or take advantage of Golden Visa programs offered […]

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