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Your Ultimate Guide to UK Staycation Holiday Homes and the Property Market

There is no doubt about it. UK staycation holiday homes are dominating the tourism and real estate industries. As Brits change their habits and start holidaying at home, rather than abroad, they are also turning their attention towards property investment. For trends, buy-to-let’s are out. For owning a second home, investing in the UK market, […]

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New Flight Routes to Turkey from the UK

To capture the market left behind by the collapse of Thomas Cook, both Easy Jet and British Airways have launched new flight routes to Turkey from the UK, for 2020. Thomas Cook Airlines which included Condor left 600,000 Brits stranded abroad when they went bankrupt in September 2019. Leaving considerable gaps in the airline and […]

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Furnished holiday lets set to spearhead the UK’s ‘green revolution’ in 2020

Heightened levels of concern over climate change combined with pressure on the world’s leading economies to reduce carbon emissions make the UK’s furnished holiday let (FHL) market an appealing investment option for British people in 2020, said property agency Spot Blue International Property in January. In tune with the most current and prominent global issue, […]

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Why is Antalya so Popular? Reasons to Visit Turkey’s Mediterranean Gem

If you are one of many asking why is Antalya so popular, we can list hundreds of reasons. But let us start with some stats that prove its popularity. So far, in 2019, 14 million people visited the region. That is the same amount that visits Istanbul, Turkey’s top tourist destination. Such is the demand, […]

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Foreign House Sales in Antalya Reach a Record High

Foreign house sales in Antalya have reached an all-time high. Industry insiders predict by the time the year finishes, 10,000 apartments and villas would have been sold, reflecting a 19% increase year on year. The success comes on the back of a lucrative exchange rate and reduced entry levels for Turkey’s citizenship by investment scheme. […]

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Is Turkey a Good Place to Live? Opinions from Expats

Many people who come on holiday and contemplate moving across, often ask is Turkey a good place to live? It is a good, realistic question because life away from the beach bars and daily, lazy boat cruises is always different. We are biased. Much of our team lives in the country and has done so […]

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Why the sun is shining on the UK’s furnished holiday let market

Conditions are ideal for the UK’s furnished holiday let (FHL) market to surge in 2020, said property agency Spot Blue International Property in November, adding that the sector has become more popular in recent years thanks to the effects of Brexit and the increasingly regulated and tax-unfriendly buy-to-let market. Classified as a commercial operation means […]

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6 Tips for Living in Turkey and Making A Success of the Move

Our tips for living in Turkey come from our own experiences and customers, who have bought property and moved here for year-round residence. Overall, many people comment their move was stress free, and they settled in easy. Turkish hospitality plays a large part in that, with ex-pats making Turkish friends alongside international ones. However, all […]

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Cornwall’s staycation market fuels demand for boutique holiday homes

The fallout of Brexit, improving transport links and an expanding holiday home market are helping Cornwall to cement its position as the UK’s favourite staycation destination, said property agency Spot Blue International Property in November, adding that the county also has increasing appeal to foreign tourists. A recent survey by a leading high street bank […]

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The Biggest Mistakes People Make When Moving to Spain

When it comes to the biggest mistakes people have made when moving to Spain, do not assume they are rare. Nearly every customer wishes they had done something different. While some have hair-raising tales to tell, others talk about little details that interrupted a smooth move. We do not know of any expat living abroad, […]

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