Bodrum Paramount Luxury Hotel Opening in May

On May the 6th 2017, to much hype and international attention, Paramount brings a slice of California to Turkey by opening a new luxury hotel and resort in the Zeytinlikahve Mevki Bay of the Bodrum peninsula. Promising to have a unique identity, inspired by local creativity, and be a living showcase of traditional cuisine, art, photography, and music, its mission statement is to keep in line with its background and esteemed reputation for excellence in the movie industry of California.

About Paramount Hotels and Resorts

Paramount Hotels and Resorts, the company operating the luxury resort acquired the license to operate under the brand of Paramount Pictures in 2012. Their aim, to create 50 hotels, resorts, and serviced residences worldwide is gaining traction with the opening of the Bodrum hotel as their first flagship accommodation.

Their mission statement on their website sets high standards to deliver the best in luxury travel. To carry on the creativity theme of the Paramount Pictures brand, so famously known for 22 stars and a snowy cap mountain, they promise…

“Our hotels will provide the international business traveler and leisure guest with service excellence and sophisticated amenities, inspired by our Californian roots. Our resorts will provide a new level of indulgence and entertainment where elements of local culture will blend with the effortless glamour of the California lifestyle. Some properties may be linked within integrated resorts – incorporating casinos – or be found in a Paramount Park, a series of global theme parks currently being developed by Paramount Pictures.”

About the Bodrum by Paramount Hotels and Resorts

While the luxury resort doesn’t include a casino, clients can tap into a wealth of classic, Eastern and Turkish spa treatments, as well as Lebanese, Italian, and Asian restaurants. Tableau will be the scenic and peaceful setting for afternoon tea while the open air 5555 bar will serve light meals and snacks as well as smoothies and cocktails.

Fine and extravagant décor ensure the rooms and suites are fitting for a movie star, but the prize accommodation choices are the onsite villas of which the leading star is the Producer Villa. With a private indoor pool, cabana on the beach, and Turkish bath, as well as the 24-hour service of a butler, anyone who wants to tap into the world of the rich and famous by staying in this villa, can do so for roughly 45,000 euros a night. Otherwise, prices of the rooms and suites start from 250 euros a night.

Bodrum, on the Aegean coast of Turkey, is already a jet-setting destination for wealthy individuals. Many international celebrities choose it for their summer holidays and luxury hotels have been operating in the area for many decades. Yet speculation is rife as to which big name Hollywood stars will be attending the opening party on May the 6th.

For Bodrum property owners and residents, the addition of this hotel and resort to its portfolio of luxury accommodation cements its long-standing reputation as one of the best hospitality providers in Turkey.